Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 7 of 7

One week has passed, and I think I'll continue bloggin for awhile.  It's fun, and with a lot going on at the farm right now, I feel like there is a lot to use as introductions to my life.

Breakfast was usual, Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal, Almond Joy Unsweetened Vanilla and blueberries.

Mid morning, I ate half of this Lara bar.  It was ok.  I think I like Katie's Chocolate-Covered Katie babies a lot better!  Have you made them?  I made cookie dough babies and they were super.

We had a lot of lambs born today, about 30.  It's so great right now.  The first 'birth' I was witness to was a lamb, and no matter how many times I see it, I'm still amazed.

These little lambs were so cute this evening, cuddling up, all asleep and sweet.  (I can't get this photo to centre???)

Not often, you get a black sheep.  This lamb isn't black, but I love her, the colouring is really nice.

For lunch, I had more broccoli soup and an Ezekiel english muffin, toasted with a bit of butter, spinach and cheddar, then put under the broiler.  Pretty good, but not a great looking meal.

For dinner I bought a couple frozen pizza's as I wasn't feeling great today.  Leftovers will be used for lunch tomorrow!  I had McCains thin crust, spinach and mushrooms.  With it I had a salad of mixed baby romaine, red peppers and cherry tomatoes with some balsamic vinegar.  I also hit up the gym today.  45 min intervals on the treadmill and some arm and back weights.            


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