Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I just want to talk about balance.  Life balance.  Usually, I have it.  I have things under control, work hard and manage to play hard as well, cook a lot and enjoy life.  The last few days I have felt completely overwhelmed and tired.  The Sheppard works so hard for us, and the past few days have been chaos.  Lambing 400 + yews in a 4-5 week period is a lot. 

Doesn't he look great!

Today I'm going to breath, try organize my time a bit and get some balance back.



  1. I totally have those days too ~
    ~ for us "go-get-er's", it's tough to admit we are "overwhelmed" :(
    good for you for recognizing that it's time to shift the balance around to make yourself happy. lots of people ignore this....makes them "grumpy".......
    i would rather be happy ;)

  2. the pic of hubby :)
    one of my *new life adventure* highlights thus far is riding in the back of that thing and watching the lambs CHARGE towwards us for the food. I was in AWE!!
    Totally awesome day!!
    ....miss it......