Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Counting Sheep

Seeing what I eat for breakfast everyday in pictures makes me realize I'm not very creative in the morning. See Dorset muesli, almond milk, blueberries.

I have a 'recipe' to combine yogurt, pumpkin and granola...but in the morning I like my routine and haven't tried it, though I have bought the pumpkin, and always have yogurt and granola on hand anyway.

I broke a promise to myself - I had sashimi again. Even though I ate it twice last week. Anyway, it was delicious and supremely satisfying. I had a few bites before I remembered to take the picture.

Through the afternoon I felt full, but before I left work I had half of this S'MORES Luna bar. Very tasty and filling! It cures a sweet craving, that's for sure! Plus, I love the taste of marshmallows! I don't see any marshmallows, but it does taste like them.

I usually go to the gym on Wednesdays, but The Sheppard is busy at home so I decided to go home and work with him for a few hours - it's still a GREAT workout! I bedded down pens that are full of lambs and their mothers, and filled their water jugs. To give you an idea of the mass amount of lambs being born, on Tuesday, 70 were born! 70!

For dinner we had lamb chops, green beans and potatoes. A pretty regular dinner, but super tasty anyway. For the lamb chops, I just sprinkle no salt added steak spice on them and broil for 6-7 min on each side. Perfect medium chops. I ate one chop, a potato with some butter and a huge helping of beans. After dinner I finished off the bean brownies I made on the weekend. Even though they were refrigerated, they were starting to taste a little dry. It's hard to eat them all so fast, maybe next time I'll try freeze half.

The Sheppard didn't come to bed last night, he worked all night. I hope he can rest today a little. I will go to the gym on Thursday night, but I'll head home straight after to do my chores and help out.

By the way...LOST! WTF????!!!! I LOVE IT! But SO confused! Is the 'living' John Lock not really John? I don't get it? If someone does, please comment and fill me in.


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