Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Weekend Food


Delicious Dorset cereal breakfast:
Driving around town in the morning I ate an apple while running errands.
Went out for lunch at one of my favourite restaurants.  I always order a Perrier there - they give you a big glass filled with strawberries and kiwis and a spoon to eat them.  It's like dessert!
I had an onion soup and a grilled ham sandwich with cheese, spinach, caramelized onions and a balsamic spread, super lunch
Then I hit up the candy store across the road and had this coconut bark.  Can't get enough chocolate the last 2 days.
Mid afternoon I was bored so I had some bean salad.  It's pretty good, better than other brands I've tried in a can.  The sodium and sugar are low.

I made a stuffed lamb shoulder roast for dinner, with mashed potatoes, carrots/onion/celery mix, green beans and gravy.  A great weeekend dinner!

And more pics of the puppies because I'm obsessed.



  1. The puppies are sooooooo adorable!

    And I love the fruit with the Perrier water! I haven't added any fruit to my water in a long time; I'll have to change that! :-)

    Happy Sunday!

  2. All of your food looks incredible... BUT those puppies!!! OMG. I love puppies.

    I'll have to try that Perrier w/fruit. So simple and fresh. I bet it's amazing in the summer time with the sweet fruit!

  3. Just started reading your blog (thanks to Krista) and I absolutely LOVE it! I am getting so inspired for meals next week already, and I've only read 3 posts. Keep up the great work and the adorable pictures of the puppies. I want one (ugh, too bad I'm a college student in an apartment)