Monday, February 8, 2010



I started off the day with my almost favorite breakfast. Sticking to the skim milk, I had Dorset cereal and blueberries.
Morning snack was this nice orange. I love citrus in the winter. It makes me feel warm.

Lunch rolled around quite quickly today. I had leftover chickpea salad from the weekend and a Baby Bell cheese. Yummy.

I decided to go home after work instead of the gym. I worked hard this weekend and I really wanted to make a new soup. Scarlett Carrot Soup. The secret is to add beets, and you get this beautiful colour.
I topped it with a big dollop of plain yogurt and 1/2 a grilled cheese with sliced turkey.


Breakfast was the usual Dorset cereal with skim milk and blueberries.

I wasn't too hungry today. Maybe it's because I didn't work or workout on Monday. For lunch had leftover Scarlett Carrot Soup.

I hit up the gym after work doing 45 min on the elliptical. My toes ALWAYS go numb on that dam* machine! My shoes are not too small, in fact, the newest pair I bought are 1/2 size bigger, and definitely they are not tied too tight...I just don't get it. It's so annoying. After that, I used a few of the weight machines, concentrating on lats and arms.

Before dinner I decided to make muffins for the Sheppard and make Chocolate Babies for myself. I absolute love them. I made them with almonds, dates, choc chips and vanilla, then rolled some in non-sweetened coconut after the were in balls. YUMMY!!!

Dinner was one of my favorite boring dinners. Salmon baked with lemon juice and dill, steamed broccoli and ww couscous. I love it. Simple and tasty.

And now, just a couple pics of the last few days. We had one lamb born, almost all black. It doesn't happen very often.

And at the back, you can just see the Sheppard, happy as can be in one of his new barns! Love him.
It's been fun on the farm, but I'm glad that most of the lambs are born and we can get back to some sort of routine (which is never really routine at our house).


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