Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This blog has been inspired by many people.  Mostly the ladies on my reading list.  I've been reading your blogs for months, and have got so much enjoyment out of them!

I must tell you about the wonderful blogger who put the idea in my head.  I met her at a wedding last summer, she told me all about her blog.  We chatted about food, working out and being healthy, and since then I've been on board to become part of this fun world. 

So let's give it up, to KRISTA, from Krista's Kravings for giving me the idea, being a great inspiration, and a superb blogger!  THANK YOU KRISTA!

Breakfast cereal was the same today, Dorset cereal and skim milk, but I omitted the blueberries and had 1/2 a pink grapefruit!  So fresh!  I had a grapefruit in my fruit salad the last few days, I forgot how good they were.
Mid morning snack was fruit salad, including grapefruit.
I also had about half of this Cliff bar.
Lunch was great.  I had some quinoa left from last week, so I made 2 lunches with it.  I sauteed some red pepper, mushroom and spinach, then added it to 2 cups quinoa.  I mixed some rice vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice and sesame oil and added it to the dish.  Pretty tasty.  3 separate people at lunch told me my food smelled like french fries...???  Must have been the sesame oil???
I have no idea why this pic keeps coming up sideways.  I've rotated it, re-save, etc....hmmm...

I also had some celery and hummus.
Went to the gym after work and felt really good.  Had a nice 3 mile run, did some upper body weights and a core control class.  I love it.  After the gym I was starving, and my usual 15min drive took 30 due to the weather - SNOW!  So, I ate the Dempters Healthy Way bar on the way home.
The Shepherd was still having leftover lamb roast last night but I was feeling done with it, so I had a 2 egg omelet with red pepper, spinach, feta, lots of salsa (not shown) on the side and 2 pieces of cranberry pumpkin bread with butter.
And after dinner I ate a bunch of raisins.  Way more than this.
Ciao for now.



  1. Wasn't that a ton of snow last night?! Ugh...

    I've just read through all your posts and enjoyed them very much! The puppoes and baby lambs are just adorable! I want to reach through the computer and squeeze them all! Your tomatoe photos have me longing for summer and the Farmer's market. I'm thinking I need to come see you at your booth!!! :)

  2. Dempsters healthy way bar?!!!!!!!

    I gotta get out more.
    I never heard of this bar.....

    looks delish!!!

  3. Just made my way over from krista's blog. Glad to find another ontario gal :) I will be reading more!! Keep it up!

  4. Too fun how you started blogging because of Krista! I love quinoa - I need to start using it in cold salads for a more unique lunch.