Friday, February 26, 2010


My car is stuck in the driveway!  We can`t get our tractors up the lane until the snow plow comes to plow it - we have a loooonng laneway.  My camera cord is at work and I`m stuck at home.  I wish for days like this, and now that it`s here, I`m a bit annoyed!  haha...anyway, it`ll get out and I`ll make it to work sometime today.



  1. Stay safe and warm! Don't you just love Katie's good! Thank you for stopping by and you have a very yummy blog!


  2. A snow day!! You must've gotten way more than us. The roads are greasy here, but nothing is cancelled. You should stay home and play with your puppies!!!! ;)

    PS....Jason and the kids love the blog. I showed them all the cute baby pictures last night....

  3. Sounds like a perfect day to make soup for lunch and play with your new puppies! Wish I could send you some goodies from here but I don't think greek yogurt would make it! :)