Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not Dorset Muesli!

I must first tell you about a great giveaway @ CHANGE OF PACE !  2 lucky readers are up to grab 4 Bobo's Oat Bars!  What a great giveaway!  I think they look fab, and would love to try them. :)  This is my first time doing this (blog is not 2 months old, so I'm VERY excited!)

Today I ventured in to the unknown.;)...I had Activa vanilla yogurt, Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal, Fiber One and blueberries.

And all mixed up

Really really good.  With all the Dorset cereal I've been eating lately, I forgot how much I like yogurt.

The usual morning snack was an apple, and the other half of the Cliff bar I started yesterday.

Lunch was good.  Left over tomato/leek soup, and a PC ww thin, toasted with hummus.  My desk is not the best spot to take pictures, I may have to set up a 'stage' in my office to take better photos.

Afternoon snack was an orange.  Anyone out there from Florida?  Are they in season?  Man they are good right now, I can't get enough!
Went to the Y after work.  A good 45min interval run, a few upper body weights and Core Control.  Our usual instructor hurt his back, so we had a sub...booo...not so good.  She tried hard, just not a great workout, rather boring, but still better than nothing. 

The Shepherd was away so I had dinner alone.  A great omelet with red peppers, mushrooms and cheese, along with 2 slices ww toast with butter.  I only made one, then made a second later.

Then I ate a bunch more black bean brownies.  They are SO fudgy, can't get enough!  I feel guilty eating them, when there is really no reason to.

I'll get more puppy photos soon, they are the cutest.



  1. I'll have to grab an orange the next time I'm at the store! I think they should be in season soon... Maybe?

    Do you have the recipe for the brownies? I'd love to try it :)

  2. I love black bean brownies too!! I made them for a cooking class all about beans, and the participants were so impressed that beans could taste that great! Where did you get your recipe from?

    No need to feel guilty, as long as you enjoy every bite and don't eat it when you're bored, but as a treat!