Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Rather than tell you all the things I ate the last 2 days, I'll highlight a couple things.


In the fall, we were in the US, and I discovered these amazing bars.  I brought several boxes home and ate them up as fast as I could.  In Loblaws early this weekend I saw them, and with fear of never seeing them again, I bought 4 boxes.  And then I ate 2 of them.  (bars, not boxes) THE.BEST.

2.  I thought I'd make bread yesterday.  It turned out ok.  The pics:
It really does look better than it tasted.  It was so dense.  Actually, it tasted like Italian bread, but being so dense, we ate a few slices and the rest went in the garbage.  I'll try again.

3.  Stew.  One of my favorite weekend dinners.
Chop Veggies.

Chop more veggies and herbs.

Brown meat with oil and flour.

Add onions, saute.  Add veggies.  Add diced tomatoes and some crushed tomatoes.

Admire pretty dutch oven. :)

Cook at 350 for 4 hours, adding more crushed tomatoes as needed, stirring once per hour.  VOILA!  Beautiful beef stew.

It was a great long weekend, now back to the grind.


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