Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lazy Saturday

It was a lazy Saturday, something I havne't had in a while. Breakfast was yummy. Dorset Museli, skim milk, blueberries.  No photo today, I forgot.  I also forgot a pic of my apple.  Lazzzzyyy day.
Lunch was fun. I felt like chicken fingers and we had some in the freezer, so I cooked up a bunch and with then had bbq sauce and hot sauce.
Throughout the afternoon I laid on the couch and ate a lot of these.

We went to a great restaurant in town for dinner. I had a shrimp phyllo pastry, chicken breast with mushroom sauce, green beans and potato gratin, and then we shared some chocolate cake for dessert. No pic.

BUT!!! How about some puppie photos! CUTE!


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    they are SO SO SO CUTE, jess!!!!!!!!