Friday, February 12, 2010

Longing for Summer

This morning was rushed, I laid in bed for as long as only had time for this gorgeous bowl of Dorset Muesli, blueberries and skim milk. ;)

I had an orange half way through the morning, and I cannot figure out why it keeps coming up sideways. It definitely is not this way on my camera or in my photo file. hmmm...

Lunch was tasty! I had 1/2 a leftover salmon fillet, some ww couscous and broccoli. I added some soy sauce to it all, then heated it up. Delish.

My days in the office are long lately. I'm dreaming of summer and my garden. Longing to feel my hands in the soil, to greet the worms and bees, to smell summer fresh produce....ahhh...

This apple was enjoyed mid-afternoon.

Went to the gym and did a TOUGH 40 min on the elliptical, as well as my usual arm and upper body weights.  The Sheppard had called me early to see if I wanted to go out to dinner.  I raced home, munched on some of Chocolate Covered Katie's Baby's and then went out to dinner. 

No photo, but I had a blackened chicken breast, sweet potato fries and a house salad.  A mineral water with lime - so fresh.  I had a few more babies when I got home. :)

I need to force myself to get more guts taking photos of food when I'm not at home.  How did you overcome this?


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  1. Fab photos, Jezzabelle! What a great blog. I am totally inspired!! ~Sheppard's Sis xo