Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to Reality

Soon I'm going to switch up my breakfasts.  For now, I had Dorset muesli, blueberries and skim milk.

It really is good enough to eat every day.  Forget all of you and your oats, this is better. ;)

An orange graced my life around 10:30am.  Delicious.

I also had about half of this Cliff bar.  A pretty good combo - Choc chip and peanut butter. 

A week without sushi feels like a lifetime, so I hit up my "Cheers" (everyone really DOES know my name) and got me some Sashimi Lunch.

During the afternoon I had a camera shy apple. Royal Gala.

I went to the gym after work.  A good 45min interval run and some arm weights.  I've missed Core Control the last 2 weeks as I've been helping out on the farm a lot more, so I'm anxious to get back to it on Wednesday night.  I like the class, I like the other ladies/gents that attend, and I like the instructor.  It's a good thing all around.

I made a batch of black bean brownies when I got home.  I'd been eating so many dates I had to switch it up.  I ate a lot of these.

Dinner was leftover stew and green beans, pretty tasty.  Then more brownies after dinner.

Sometimes I can't get my photos to centre and I don't know why...any suggestions?

Happy Happy,


  1. I love left overs ~ :)

  2. you are cracking me up with your gunna have to try it. But for me, I will have to eat it for supper....cause I tend to skip breaky....(I know....bad, bad, beth)

  3. I used to love fresh blueberries, cereal, and skim milk. Something about the milk and blueberries. Why don't I do that more often?! I wish I liked sushi :( It's the one food I really don't like. It's so pretty and healthy!