Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It has been over 2 years since I last blogged.....

It has been over 2 years since I last blogged...where does time go.

I just felt like writing and blogger came to mind.

To me, there are 2 seasons, too cold, and comfortable.  This year, I really began to embrace the too cold season.

 Finally, it is comfortable out.  Yesterday I wore a sweater and a toque while I planted peas.  Very comfortable.  Cheeks were warm, body even felt hot at times, but the hat was needed.  I wish I took photos out yesterday, but I was lost in the soil and the wind.

The same girl as in the photo above, our daughter, Emma Clairanne.

I miss blogging and I miss reading blogs.  Emma is 2.5 and I happily devote a huge amount of time to her, while using my free time for other things.  Blogging is fun, but there are other things that are more fun...like a 1 acre garden, the vision of my first market booth in 2 years, a good meal and a warm home full of smiles.  Blogging has taken a backseat, but perhaps...if the Leafs make it far enough into the playoffs, and the Shepard is busy with the game...I can find the time. ;)

Miss this part of my life....

Did anyone even read this?..let me know if you did!  I need some motivation to get back in to this. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Failed Baking

Monday was a very normal day, and that's ok with me.  It was hot and sunny, the mosquito's took over the garden in the evening, so other than digging potatoes and carrots, I didn't spend a lot of time outside.  I've been avoiding repellent with deet in it, however, if the mossy's keep up all week, I will resort to an evening or two or real bug spray.  I've been using a catnip oil that has been working well so far. 

Raspberries have been at the market for about 2 weeks now, and I've been eating them non stop.  Cereal is Kashi flakes and granola, lotsa raspberries!
I know I've said this, but I'm thrilled Ontario fruit is around.  Morning fruit: One yellow, one red plum, one apricot.
Lunch again, my usual garden salad and english muffin with Laughing Cow cheese.  I know this is a pretty boring lunch, but I just don't get tired of it.

Since the bugs were eating me like dinner, I thought I'd make some banana bread.  I won't post the recipe, this was a fail as far as baking goes.  The flavour is good, the texture is not, and I don't think it's cooked all the way in the middle.  I ate 3 pieces anyway.

I had big plans for an awesome steak dinner, but as the bbq was heating up I ran out of propane.  Steak on Tuesday it is!  I ended up with the planned fresh dug potatoes and beans, with 2 microwaved Yves veggie dogs.  Still tasty!
After dinner I had another piece of failed banana bread.  You know, even failed baking isn't that bad.

Have a great Tuesday!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Back to Blogging

Good Monday Morning!

I took a blogging break.  Just didn't have time.  The garden is weedy, my day job is busy, friends and family have been in the mix and I really couldn't get to it.  But I'm back with a weekend market recap!

As always, the market was fabulous.  I love it.  There is an energy I can't find anywhere else. 

The beets were fabulous this week.  This is my best beet harvest.  Beets used to seem so 'uncool', now I think they rock.  The colours are amazing, vibrant, and I had so many compliments on them.  I even heard one customer tell her friend, "this is the place to buy beets".

This is my vendor neighbor/friend Nancy.  She owns a bakery and I get to stand next to unlimited butter tarts and pies every Saturday morning.  They are SO hard to resist!
Have you heard of//seen/tried these bars?  They're really good.  I had a couple samples from a store in town a month or two ago, and saw them at Costco a few weeks back so bought a box.  I REALLY like them.  Tons of nuts.  I've tried all 3 bars and like they equally.  If you see them, and like nutty, hardy bars, I suggest giving them a try.

The rest of my day job career is smooth sailing from here on out.  Not that it won't be a lot of work in the next 6 weeks, but I have 3 and 4 day weeks for the rest of the summer.  The last week is a full week as I'll be training my superb (I hope!) replacement.  In this mix of short weeks I have a vacation with my mom, a vacation with The Shepherd, visiting with friends, a night alone in the city...so much to do.  I feel like I'm entering a transition phase of my life and I couldn't be more thrilled about it!



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Wave

Thank you thank you thank you for all your sweet comments about my belly!  Even though I feel like I'm doing well, some days it's still tough to watch the scale climb.  Lucky for me, I have all of you to put a smile on my face, as well as The Shepherd, who compliments me several times a day.  He's just the greatest. :)

Food has been tasty and average for 2 days.

Breakfasts have been Dorset cereal with wild raspberries.  Their flavour is like no other, tart but sweet, tiny, yet crisp.
Snacks have been fresh apricots, cherries, Lara bars and smoothies!
Some decaf iced Americano's have cooled me off.
Lunch has been my usual salad and bread with laughing cow cheese and sashimi!  You know it was Tuesday yesterday!
Random eating has been jelly beans from my coworkers desk.
And also triple chocolate ice cream.
The garden is growing so well.
I picked these carrots.  They aren't huge, but I just couldn't wait any longer.  There is a sweetness to fresh carrots, they always taste different to me than the carrots I buy at the grocery store.  The red one's are especially sweet.
It was so hot after being in the garden I couldn't eat anything warm.  All I wanted for dinner was salad.  So I made a huge salad!  Mixed greens, spinach, the above carrots, radish, peas, leftover cold beets, toasted pecans, more goat cheese than should be allowed, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I was stuffed.
I'm not complaining about the heat, I'll take this over snow any day, however, 3 or 4 degrees cooler would be nice. :)
Have a lovely day,

Monday, July 5, 2010

Market, Farm and Belly

I hope all my Canadian friends enjoyed their day/days off last week and that my American friends had a great July 4th weekend!  I'm assuming a lot of you have the day off today!  ENJOY!

We had a great weekend!  A great market, visit from my brother, dinner with friends, warm, sunny weather.  It really doesn't get any better.

Here are the market shots.  This is what my table looks like at 7am.  As the morning goes on, I replenish what is bought until it runs out.

The market was a hit!  I had SOOO many beets to sell!  I can hardly believe I only have 3 more weeks left at the market this summer, and perhaps a bonus weekend or two in August.  Bittersweet.  I love this shot of the clean beets at home before wrapping/mixing them.
The Shepherd doesn't often come to visit at the market.  He does his own thing.  I'm a front line gal, he's a behind the scenes guy.  Here we are at the market sitting on the tailgate of the truck.

My brother and his fiance came to visit Saturday after the market and for the evening.  Mel is so sweet.  This is her Canada Day cake.  White cake and jello, cool whip and strawberries.
  So good, and so nice.
Here are shots of us all feeding/watering 5 of the dogs.  Happy dogs.
My brother and The Shepherd.
The Shepherd and I. :)
This is my squinty-eyed belly shot of 25 weeks.  I feel like I'm doing pretty well! 
Yesterday's highlight was wild raspberry picking!  I managed to find 2 pints around the farm.  Red and black berries.  So tasty. Really small, really good.  I had to stop myself from eating them all as I was picking.
Looks like it's going to be a hot hot hot week!  I love it.
Enjoy every day.