Friday, February 5, 2010

Introducing, Miss Annie

My kitty is called "Miss Annie" a lot of the time. Because she is a lady. I love her, I tell her so each day and that she is my smallest best friend. She's part of our family.

I was living in a different city and one evening when I came home, she was in my front yard. Skinny, dirty, so friendly. She was not a full grown cat, but not a helpless kitten either. I decided to bring her in the apartment. She drank a full bowl of water and slept for almost 2 days straight. It took a week before she felt like any kitty play. So, I looked around the neighborhood for lost cat signs, checked the local paper and didn't ever see an ad that resembled Miss Annie. I decided to keep her in the house, and never let her back out, without supervision. Now on the farm, she goes outside, but due to her years of being kept in, she rarely strays farther than 20 meters from the house. Unless I'm in the garden, then she hangs out there with me, in what must seem like a jungle to her!

Introducing, Miss Annie.

I had a great morning. The Sheppard was home for a short bit - after a solid 9 hours of sleep! YAY! I do blame the cat for him waking so early, not my alarm clock.

I switched up the almond milk in my cereal for skim milk. Only because the expiry date was yesterday and I didn't want to waste it. This is a nice pic without the milk.
I had yesterday's banana for a snack. Bananas are so filling.

I was however, starving by lunch! Last nights barn work really took a hit to me! I was tired all morning, it was more of a workout than I thought! Lunch was similar to yesterday, and it may be for a while, I'm quite enjoying these PC thins. Today I added a Baby Bell cheese to the mix, that I ate, before I took the picture.

I have a new office mate at work. We have our own office, with 2 desks/workstations. I quite like her and am happy for the change. I'm pretty good with change, embrace it, go with it, someone else has made the change and I can't change it back anyway.

I didn't need an afternoon snack I find these buns very filling. With the added cheese, I felt really full all afternoon.

I got home, changed and went out to the barns to help the Sheppard. What a mess he was in! Not really, just a lot of lambs again, a lot. Believe it or not, we worked steady until 6am - yes, in the morning! Lambs were being born all night! We did take an hour break to escape to the Sheppard's parents for a spaghetti dinner. No photo as I didn't know we were going there, and I'm not sure I'd actually take food pictures at their house yet...but I'm sure y'all know what spaghetti looks like. ...but...white noodles, white bun, lots of butter, no veggies. was super.

Finally the weekend. I'm tired after last night, I only manage 3 hours of sleep before the sun decided I should stay up. Thank fully, the Sheppard is still sleeping. I'm trying to be as quite as possible and keep Miss Annie from meowing too much - she talks more than any cat I've met.


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