Thursday, February 4, 2010

Glorious Day!

It's sunny outside! What a glorious day! It's about -2, but the sun makes it feel like 10 after long weeks of chilly-chilly-chillyness! For breakfast I decided to mix it up and had Dorset muesli, almond milk and blueberries. ;)

Mid morning, this sunny, happy apple came into my life.

I was stewing all morning, wanting to call the Sheppard, but not risking it, maybe he's finally asleep......

Lunch was super as well. A PC ww thin bun, with hummus, sprouts, some lettuce I stole from the salad (with red peppers and sprouts) and a couple pieces of smoked turkey.

In the afternoon, I ate the other half of yesterdays Luna bar. I also had a banana staring at me, but the chocolate was oh-so-much-more tempting.

I headed home right after work, skipping the gym again, but got my workout helping the Sheppard. I did a good 3 hours of work for him, and my shoulders are feeling it today! SORE!, but in a good way. We're over 300 lambs now, probably closer to 400. It looks great out there. The puppies have still not opened their eyes! I'm willing them to open, I ask them nicely everyday.

Dinner was omelette's and toast. I had a 2 egg omelet with spinach, red pepper, mushrooms and cheddar. Toast was 1 piece of Dempsters Healthy Way multi grain. It's ok bread, but I prefer the Dempsters Ancient Grains.

It's almost Friday! HOORAY!! Which means a weekend of farm work for me, and that's ok.

That's why they call it the "Family Farm".


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