Monday, March 1, 2010

Room Service

Breakfast today was fabulous.  2 words, Room Service. WW toast and fruit spread, 1 hardboiled egg, Muesli and milk, cheddar and swiss cheese, grapefruit juice and more coffee than I could drink.  Heaven.  Stuffed.  That was a lot of breakfast.
Throughout the day, I had 6 of these Godiva do you walk by this store without stopping?
I hit up a grocery store that I really like.  T&T grocery.  It's an Asian grocery store,  part of the Loblaws chain, and I don't know what half the things in the store are.  But, the things I do know, I need!  I have a hard time finding authentic ingredients in my city.  I bought some lotus root.  It's already cut up and in a bag.  In a magazine I was reading recently, it was talking about it...but I've never used it, and can't find the magazine, does anyone know what I should do with it or know what mag it might have been?  Google will help me.
Then home to eat some leftover pizza with The Shepherd. :)

I had great plans to hike today, but pj's and the hockey game called my name.  I love hanging with The Shepherd on a Sunday (or anytime) in our pj's.  We don't get to do it enough.

We lazed around, cheered and danced when Canada won, like we were actually at the game! 

Dinner was cannelloni that I bought at the St Lawrence Market. I topped it with a bunch of sauce and parm cheese and baked.

Then ate it with a small salad.  And later I had the LAST handful of chocolate chips.  I have to curve my chocolate cravings that I've been having lately.
Back to the grind tomorrow.  Ug.  The office is not where I am supposed to be.



  1. Check out Coco's blog for ideas for the lotus root. She used it alot!

    Wasn't that a GREAT game???

    Hope your day goes by quick. It's hard to sit in a chair all day, I know...

  2. Hey love!!
    thanks SO much for your sweet comment! that was so encouraging and it meant so much to me-you are too sweet!!
    jelous of your room service!
    have a GREAT day!

  3. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have room service everyday?! Someone to feed you breakfast in bed... Isn't that what a husband is supposed to do?!

  4. thank you for the comment! I actually changed the give away you can either make a sign or comment and can tell me what you think about the picture [because I realized some people would probably rather do that then make something] so you may enter if you wishh :)

  5. What gorgeous presentatioN! looks delish too!