Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great Day

Thanks so much for letting me know how you feel about and how you take photos in restaurants.  You've all helped me gain a little courage and I'm going to give it a shot.  I'm meeting a friend for lunch on Friday (just at the grocery store), but I'm taking photos!

The day started without blueberries.  All out.  But a grapefruit is almost as good and was a welcomed substitute to my Dorset cereal and skim milk.  I know it's sideways....darn work computer.
I had the rest of yesterdays Luna bar mid morning.  The cranberry is pretty good, but I do prefer bars with chocolate.

Lunch was great.  More of the homemade soup and a nice salad of mixed greens, carrots, avocado and cucumber with Renees Japanese Ginger dressing.
I had an apple in the afternoon.
I'm in a gym rut.  I'm bored.  So I decided to go home for a hike instead.  It was so great out.  Warm-ish, sunny, and the lovely Jazz (AKA: Mamma dog) decided to join me.
She wouldn't really pose for the camera.  She looks sad, but she really isn't.  We had a great hike.  Through the muddy pastures, through the woods, around the old corn field.  I got a good shot of our farms from about half way back to the woods, I like this pic.
Then Jazz and I went to see the sheep and puppies.  The lambs are really getting big, as are the pups.  They are just squealing cute!  Love love LOVE them.  I'm disapointed they won't be living with us much longer.

I was hungry when Jazz and I got home, so I snacked on some raisins, almonds and strawberries - YUM!

It was spaghetti night at our house.  I wasn't feeling noodles, so I used zucchini noodles instead.  Easy as pie with a mandolin slicer.
I sauted the 'noodles' a little, the topped with sauce with ground chicken, mushrooms and peppers.  Really great.
There was also a bowl of frozen yogurt consumed somewhere around 9pm.  Why is it so good?

St. Patrick's day is also our Engagement Anniversary.  I tease The Shepherd that he proposed then because we met in an Irish pub.  True about where we met, but not the proposal part, just coincidence.  When he came home in the evening he brought me 3 lily's, totally unexpected.  Love him.
See the grow stand in the background?  Soon it'll be full of smiling happy seedlings!
Overall a great day!



  1. looks like a perfect soup and salad mix!

  2. The pups are ADORABLE!!! Have they all been adopted out? Your farm photos reminds me of my in laws place. I love hiking through the woods out there.

    Have a great day, Jess!

  3. I want to live on your farm! All the cute animals have pulled me in:)

  4. That's what I do too about exercise...if I get bored doing tapes and the weather is nice I will go out for a bike ride or walk!

    Your farm is no nice and those lambs and adorable...that is the hardest part letting them go. I know how that feels when I had breed a couple of goats we had.

    Happy belated Eng cute!

    Enjoy the day and can't wait to see the photo's of lunchie on Friday!


  5. awww so cute about you and hubby. happy engagement anniversary!
    The dog is so beautiful! and her pups are gorgeous!

    I love the sideways pic! and that homemade soup looks phenomenal

  6. I love love soup! Such a good lunch- filling, full of veggies- mmmm :) . Very cool that you went for a Hike- looks so pretty there. And the puppies! Ah! I can't get enough. Glad the Shepard remembered (I was going to ask you)- calla lilies are some of my favorite flowers. Beautiful!

  7. Aww happy engagement anniversary! Is it just you and your husband that take care of the farm?

  8. happy engagement anniversary! OMG why have i not seen pics of the puppies/lambs yet?! wow they are sooo cute!! i want some!

  9. I just planted my seedling today!!!!! It was SO ENJOYABLE!!!

    the best part?
    the seeds from JESS's VERY OWN GARDEN!!
    I can't wait to see them sprout.....