Friday, March 5, 2010

Lots of Cereal!

Yesterday a small package came in the mail for me.  A few weeks ago I ordered a sample of Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp.  This morning I thought I'd try it.  When I've seen this in the store I've been hesitant to buy it, but it was really good!  Not as good as my Dorset cereal, but I think better than Kashi Go Lean Crunch - though I like that one a lot too.
I added the cereal to some vanilla yogurt and a bunch of strawberries.  Red berries always look so good, bright and happy.  I will buy this cereal soon.  Any takers for my YOG Active?  Just not digging it.  haha...
I ate this tasty (but kind of boring) apple this morning.  I forgot my fruit salad at home, what I was REALLY wanting.
I also had a few handfuls of Bear Naked Granola.  I keep it in my desk for when I'm not hungry enough for a granola bar, but still needing something 'carby' to get me through.
Lunch was a 'fork and knife' wrap.  That's because I filled it far too full, then heated it and it was impossible to eat with my hands.  It had more of the leftover chicken/tomato mix, leftover steamed broccoli, red peppers, light cheddar and cilantro. Super super yummy.
In the afternoon I snacked on some carrots and celery.
The gym was good this evening.  I did a nice, not too tough 45min interval run.  My legs were still sore from Tuesday night!

Dinner was blackened Mahi Mahi - loving this fish, as is The Shepherd.  With it were some boiled potatoes and a lot of steamed broccoli.  Pretty simple, pretty good.
After dinner a great bowl of cappuccino frozen yogurt was enjoyed!

There hasn't been a lot of action on the farm lately.  The puppies are growing and the sheep are doing their thing.  All is well.



  1. I got that box of Kashi and liked it as well.
    It's all good when a wrap turns fork and knife! Glad to hear the pups are doing well. I've been wondering about them...

  2. WOW your dinner looks soo good!! AND that wrap-love putting leftovers into wraps!

  3. oh i ordered that sample a while ago too, still haven't received it tho! glad it was good :) happy friday!

  4. not a good idea to read your blog at 7:30pm on an empty stomach :)
    you make my mouth water...
    and where have I been??? I need to look into this sample ordering thing.