Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Signs of Spring!

Do you ever feel like you're in the movie Groundhog Day?  Not in a daily sense, but a weekly, or Monday to Friday way?  I feel like that today - Monday, here we go again.  Back to the same job, with the same people, doing the same work.  Gosh, sounds depressing! 

So, to jump the hump, I had a great breakfast.  Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp, vanilla yogurt and blueberries.  There really is yogurt under there!
Still loving the Florida oranges.  I noticed strawberries in the grocery store on the weekend were from Florida too, that's a change from California.
Lunch was good.  I had an Ezekiel english muffin, toasted, each half with a light Laughing Cow cheese.
I also had a bowl of soup.  I made it on Saturday and this was the first bowl I've had.  SOO good.  I love soup in a can, but when it's homemade, it's like, "Now THAT's soup".  I used stock I made out of the rabbit we had a few weeks back, added some carrots, diced celeriac, lots of spinach, a bit of zucchini, a bit of mushrooms and a can of black eyed peas.  S&P.  I love black eyed peas in a soup.  They don't taste of much, and they fill me up.
In the kitchen at work there was a bowl of candy coated peanuts, so I ate a few.  They were swallowed before I even got back to my desk.  I also nabbed a handful of almonds a little later on.

I had an apple too.
When I got home, I watered the greenhouse and raked the leaves out of the flower beds around the house.  I know they're just going to fill with leaves again before spring, but I couldn't wait, and I'm glad I didn't because I saw the first real signs of spring!  Crocus and tulips are coming up! 
I know it doesn't look like much, but to me it's new life, or rather, the same life, starting their cycles over again.  It looks fresh, and happy and it really makes me happy.

The Shepherd and I went out for dinner for Indian.  We shared a chicken madras and a lamb dhansak.  Very tasty.  No photo.  Then a good handful of chocolate chips when we got home.  When I eat really spicy food, I always need some sweet to balance it...actually, regardless of what I eat I like some sweet to balance it.

That's a wrap.



  1. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for the very sweet comment you left me...know that you are adored!


  2. I totally feel that M-F groundhogs day feeling!! Bahhh! Great lunch. I finally tried LC cheese- it is so delicious. And I agree, although canned soup is great in a pinch, homemade is WAY better!

    Hope the boy remembers ;)

  3. I was out in the yard yesterday and my cedum (sp?) is coming up! Sarah and I are going to take the neighbours pup for a trail walk today and I can't wait to see all the buds oin the trees!

    Your soup sounds great. I've never tried celeric before...

  4. I wish they would put the Laughing Cow cheese in a "tub", like peanut butter....just to open and smooth over toast.
    instead, they wrap them into tiny, individualy triangles and it takes that much longer to get to the goodness. :)

    I love that cheese.......

  5. I love homemade soups! Yours looks awesome!

    And yes, M-F can be very repetitive... Have a great week! :)

  6. I love homemade soups! Yours looks awesome!

    And yes, M-F can be very repetitive... Have a great week! :)

  7. i loved your comment :) men LIKE some meat on their women!! my boyfriend always says he LOVES hips! we werent made to be stick thin!!
    your homemade soup looks amazing! i do feel like the weeks are SOOO same stuff, different week all the time. weekends are so much better!

  8. I think I'm the last person on this earth to try the Laughing Cow cheese wedges!!!

  9. Ugh I feel like I'm in that movie too often. I hate that feeling :( I always like something sweet when I eat garlic for some reason. So weird haha!

  10. YES lately i've been feeling so groundhog dayish...blah!