Saturday, March 13, 2010

Greenhouse Shots

For a vacation day, I sure don't take the word vacation very seriously!  I was out of bed before 7am, munching on the great bowl of vanilla yogurt, Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp, blueberries and blackberries.
All mixed up!
Then, it was out to the greenhouse.  The soil is so hard, I decided to water it down, then try and till it. I love the smell of a greenhouse, it smells like warm earth, almost a 'cooking' aroma, but soil.  It takes me back to my dads greenhouses and the smell when he was steaming the muck....

A few shots of the greenhouse today:

The Shepherd doing his thing:

The ground is now too wet to till so that will happen on Saturday or Sunday.  I decided to go grocery shopping and am totally embarrassed to show you what I had for lunch, but I will anyway.  Add a caffeine free diet coke and an Apple Juice to this.
As I excitedly walked in to Loblaws, there they were, staring at me, Dark Mini absolute favourite Easter candy.  And as I was checking out (before the grocery shopping even began), the Wine Gums were calling my name.  Hey, I'm on VACATION.

I came home, and hung out with my good buddy Rigger.  He is big, and sloppy, and dirty, and drooling, and I LOVE HIM!  As does my good friend Bethoney - this one's for you hunnie!  I told Rigger you said hi today - seriously.

This has been a good day and the rest of the food is pretty blah, so we'll end here. 



  1. I could just jump t computer and hug him!!!! Rigger is by far, hands down, the greatest dog there is!!
    Thanks for saying hi to him for me :)

  2. I love the pictures of the greenhouse. I'd give anything to live on a farm!

    Yes I think it's crazy that you've never had cornbread! Maybe it's a good thing because I could eat an entire pan of it! You should try it sometime... I've used this recipe quite a bit and it never fails!

  3. You must be so excited to have your greenhouse under way! And don't be embarassed about your lunch...we've all been there! And let's face it, who can resist those chocolate eggs? Not me. ;)

    Rigger is one handsome dude. I'd totally let him get me all dirty cuz he looks like f-u-n!

  4. lol your pup has such a funny expression on his face! awesome greenhouse work, but ya, not quite a vacation day!

  5. The greenhouse looks awesome - it sounds like it will be amazing! I use frozen blueberries just because they're cheap - even right out of the freezer they are easy to bite into, and after a few minutes they thaw out nicely.

  6. wow that greenhouse looks so fun!

  7. Glad The Shepherd is home with you and Rigger is SO cute! Wow...awesome green houses!

    Happy Vaca Day!