Monday, March 22, 2010


Today I want to start by thanking you all!  Those of you that leave comments, and those that don't, I appreciate it all so much.  You've made me happy, feel good about myself and what I do, shared your (food) secrets and overall, made my life fuller.  I only know 2 of you (maybe 3, if you're reading this Christina), but I feel like I've found a new group of friends.  I didn't know how it easy it would be to become accepted in blog world, but I feel like it's happened. 

THANK YOU LADIES (and gents??)!!! 

On to the day...A very usual breakfast for me, granola, vanilla yogurt, blueberries. :)

EDIT: Hey...looks like I posted the wrong photo!  Whatever, you gals know what yogurt looks like.
Before lunch I thought I'd make some soup.  Carrot, ginger, orange.

I started by sauteing some onions.
Then add a bunch of chopped carrots, chopped celeriac and minced ginger.  I don't really measure.  As well as a few cups of homemade stock and some water.
Simmer for about 40 min, put in about a cup of OJ, s&p and blend with the immersion blender.  I cooked up some barley and put it in as well.  I had a great (fuzzy) bowl for lunch.
And an apple.
Hung out in the greenhouse for a while, planted more leaf lettuce and radishes.  Worked in my attic - oh the joy!  Then, decided it was curry night.  A simple, chicken yogurt curry.

Start again, buy sauteing onions, black mustard seed and cumin seed.
Add chili peppers, garlic and ginger.
Add cut up chicken, a bunch of yogurt, some chickpea flour and a bit of water.  Simmer for 40 min.
Stir in some tomato paste and sprinkle on garam masala.  Cover and let sit for about 5 min.
Stir everything together again, and voila!  Beautiful curry.  I added more tomato paste after this, it just needed more.
Served with saffron basmati rice and topped with cilantro. 
I use a recipe from this book,

The dish does not call for tomato paste, but I add it in anyway.  It seems to need something more.

All in all, a good, semi relaxing day.  The house is cleaned up from our guests, I'm stuffed after more mini eggs.  My chocolate cravings are out of control.



  1. Awe Heck Jess...what a sweet post! Honey, we are just glad that your here and we are too!

    Love to you and your bloggie!


  2. Aw! You're so sweet! And thank you to YOU! I am enjoying reading your blog!!!! The carrot soup looks fabulous. I love soup for lunch or dinner. Delicious and easy way to get in lots of veggies

  3. hey girl!! you are so sweet and so adorable!!! WOW that dinner sounds amazing! ive never had indian food! but i hear its SO GOOD!

  4. Great soup and curry! A very *orange* day. Hehe!

  5. Look at you and your creative eats!

    It is amazing how you feel like you have a new group of friends on the blog world. Sometimes it's nice to actually not "know" someone but to be able to just chat.

  6. Jess...can you believe I've never had curry? Kinda scared to make it, in case I wouldn't like it:)

    By the way, I tagged you on my post today!