Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's My Party and I'll Eat if I Want to! :)

Saturday was my birthday! A solid 32 years I've been around, it was a great day! This is my cake. The Shepherd always gets me the best cake. This was chocolate, with chocolate fudge between the layers, and more chocolate fudge instead of icing. It was the heaviest cake I've ever held! Darn sideways photos! :)

The Shepherd always treats me like a queen on my birthday, he's great. He also always gets the best gifts! This year he got me a bag (purse) that is super cool, and a gift cert. for my Favourite shoe store! Score Shepherd!
Birthday breakfast was usual - yogurt, berries and granola, here's a shot all mixed up.
After breakfast I went for a pedicure. I usually go to a spa on my brithday, a massage, pedi, manicure, whatever I'm feeling like. Now I have pretty toes!

Came home in the afternoon and The Shepherd and I had egg sandwiches for lunch. This is 2 eggs, cheddar cheese and and Eeikiel english muffin.
I love ketchup chips. The Shepherd brought some home as a treat today so a few of those were ate, along with 2 chocolate Girl Guide cookies. He bought 3 boxes...I'm sure many more will be eaten in the coming days.
For dinner we went to a great restaurant in town. I DID try to take pictures, but the lighting was so dim, I just couldn't get it right. I'll have to read the manual, something I don't usually do.

I had a great meal though, Greek salad, baked salmon with a green salsa, roast veggies and a whipped baked potato. It was super. The veggies were to die for! Beets, carrots, squash, so good.

It was a great day. I love having a birthday!




    You sneaky gal, you! Sliding a b-day right by us. LOL!! That cake looks phenomenal, but the purse trumps all. You'll have to show us what shoes you pick out.

    Hope the birthday fun flows into today! :)

  2. Happy birthday girl!!! You better keep that husband around you lucky thing :)

  3. A beautiful birthday cake for a beautiful friend!!
    I love you!
    You make my mouth water with your egg sandwiches!
    Give yourself a birthday hug from me ;)

  4. Awe Happy Birthday Sweetie! What a wonderful and special day to ya! Thank you Shepherd for treating her always so special!

    Nice purse! it!


  5. Happy Happy Birthday weekend! Your man did good! I love the bag and I know you must have REALLY loved that shoe store gc. Hope your Sunday was just as good.

  6. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! From the looks of it you were treated like a queen! And rightly so :) Your cake looks delicious and cute bag! Your man knows how to pick em :)

    p.s where did ya find girl guide cookies!? I have been waiting for them to start settting up their booths outside grocery stores lol

  7. Wow! what a fantastic bithday you had!
    that cake is marvelous... and LOOKS heavy! lol

    I love the purse hubby got you and am all for being pampered on our birthdays! yay!

    happy Birthday!

    what a FUN day!! you deserved it!

  9. Happy Birthday! Love the purse! And the cake looks yummy... :)