Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Geting Closer to Spring!

We're just skipping Sunday's food as it really wasn't that exciting anyway.  A lot of munching without real meals.  Mostly I ate fruit and baked goods - so imagine a lot of grapefruit, strawberries, peanut buttery bars and cookies, with a few slices of bread lathered with butter.  I think that some cheese and crackers snuck in there as well.  I really ate a lot anyway, more than a usual day.  Grazing seems to do that.
Monday's breakfast was back on track!  Dorset cereal, blueberries, skim milk.  Ultra satisfying.
I brought a 1/2 grapefruit to work, already cut, so it was easy to enjoy.
Then, tummy still growling, I had half of this Cliff bar, my favourite kind!
Lunch was good.  Campbells Harvest Minestrone Soup (half can), and a toasted Ezekiel english muffin, each half with a Laughing Cow light cheese and cucumber.  The soup is really good.  I don't taste the parmesan at all, and I wish there were a few more beans, but it's still good.
Throughout the afternoon I had an apple and some carrot sticks.  I needed a dipper for the carrots...kinda muchie today.  Probably because of yesterdays grazing.
Hit the gym after work.  My right knee has been bugging me so I'm going to stick with the elliptical for a bit.  It's even hurt walking up stairs and I don't want an injury.  Elliptical was good, as long as I concentrate and lift up my feet a lot, the numbness isn't as bad.  I then did some upper body weights.  I don't really do lower body weights, maybe I should.  My reasoning is I run, and I feel I get leg muscles from that.  Core Control after was awesome!  Each of the last 2 Monday's have been a better workout than any other 2 classes combined all winter.  Ron Rocks!

Dinner was lamb chops, left over risotto and green beans.  Another simple, but really tasty dinner.
After dinner just before I fell asleep watching Jason and Molly's wedding special, I had some cappuccino frozen yogurt.

I forgot to take pictures of the farm/puppies this weekend. We were out in superb weather, hanging out with the dogs, but the camera was left in the house.  I think The Shepherd took some video of the puppies running around with the lambs yesterday, so I hope he'll send me a good one I can try post!  They are SOOO cute!

I'm really hoping in the next 2 weekends I can get some spring seeds planted in the greenhouse, and a few weeks after that more seedlings on my grow stands in the house.  Mid April should see the first time I can break ground and then it really begins!  WHOOHOO!



  1. What seeds do you plant first in the ground? I've always sort of followed my Dad's steps and planted the garden May 2-4 weekend so I guess I never considered that I could start earlier. I'm making my garden bigger this year and am SO excited to get going!!!

  2. I cannot wait to plant a garden! I think I'm going to go to the store this weekend and pick up some seeds & plants!! Yummy eats. I tried LC cheese for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it. The froyo sounds tasty too. I hope you have a nice Tuesday

  3. I love Clif bars...so yummy! Experts...lol!...say we get to much protein, but from time to time...I just like different products to try and we love the flavor of this one. Have a great day!

    Can't wait to see those pups!


  4. Adding you to my blogroll girl!


  5. I can never eat half a Clif bar! I actually really tried that today and ended up inhaling the whole thing. I need to start buying the mini's I guess!

    I am so excited to start gardening this year :)

  6. I had a very similar breakfast this morning. I hadn't had blueberries in a long time. Sooo good!

    I don't do lower body weights either for the same reason as you. But I also think I should...

  7. you know how they sell those grapefruit spoons that are sort of jagged? i wonder if they're worth it lol. i can picture myself slicing my tongue or doing something equally stupid tho!

  8. oh that risotto looks delicious!