Monday, March 8, 2010


I left my camera cord at home today.  Sad day. :(  So, instead of a food post, I'll leave you with a couple of photos on my work computer.
This is the front of my house early last spring.  The front door stays open a lot so Miss Annie can come and go.
The Shepherd and I riding horses.  Not ours, but it was fun.
The Shepherd and I at the Kennedy Space Centre this winter.  He loves space.  I love him so I act as excited as possible.  It was pretty cool.  If the party that night hadn't of been so good, we may have went back the next day.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Your house looks alot like Jason's parents place! I gave a big sigh when I saw your tulips out front...

  2. Fun post! I love riding horses- so much fun! I love the random post! Any more fun photos to share?? Have a good Monday

  3. I love your home! xoxo
    I miss YOU!

  4. Aww it makes me miss riding horses! The horses are gorgeous! :)