Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dining Out!

I didn't eat out for breakfast, but did the rest of the day!
Breakfast was no surprise, Dorset cereal, blueberries, skim milk.  I'll have to break out the almond milk again soon to mix it up a little!
Ate the rest of the fruit salad I made last night in the mid morning.  I just love grapefruit.  Love it. 
Then had the other half of yesterday's Cliff bar.  It takes a lot of strength not to eat the whole bar, I wish we could get the mini's here!
The Shepherd asked me this morning if I wanted to meet him for lunch, so we hit Subway.  I didn't take my camera, but had intentions to!  I had a 6" veggie with Swiss cheese, all the toppings except pickle and onion, and about 4 times the usual hot peppers.  I just kept asking for more.  Hey, I ordered a veggie sub, I want lotsa veggies!  (I also did this with the tomato and green pepper, but not to the extent as the hot peppers).  Subway is always great.

In the afternoon I had another pear.  This was a Ya Pear - not as good as the mystery pear yesterday.
Then I had a chocolate craving, so I ran down to a little store nearby and scooped up this carob peanut butter cup.  PRETTY TASTY!
Then a (2) handfull(s) of nuts.
I met a friend about 40 min away for a dinner date.  We shopped till we dropped - more new shoes - and had dinner at a bar & grill in the mall.  We shared a lobster & crab dip, which was surprisingly not as un-healthy as it sounds!
VOILA!  Restaurant photo - though I have to work on lighting.
And a bowl of French Onion Soup.  What a cheesy combo!
And the shoes:

My feet feel awesome in these babies!



  1. Love the shoes ~ and laughed out loud @ "a (2) handful(s)" ~ yer so cute xo

  2. Hey Girl,

    That dip and the fruit looks amazing! AND those shoes...VERY NICE! I would tell you to enjoy them, but that would be an understatement...ha ha! you get out there and adore'll be the prettiest one out there!

    Nice that hubby asked you to lunchie!!


  3. LOVE the shoes!!! The really do look comfortable.

    Subway is a fave go to for us, too. Whenever we need a quick meal out, it's always the kid's first choice.

    Enjoy the sun!!

  4. I adore the shoes.
    The cheesy action in the French Onion Soup is foodgasmic.

    I have been dying to "eat Fresh"...thats what my coworkers and I say when we want subway.

    And Im all over that carob chip pb cup

  5. hahaha love your obsession with the shoes :) These are adorable too! A carob peanut butter cup? That sounds just heavenly to me right now. I hate when you order a veggie sub and they skimp on the veggies! I also ask for 2-3 x's the normal amount :) Have a great day

  6. CUTE shoes lovely!!!!
    ahh love french onion soup..especially when its nice and cheese.. yum!

  7. French onion SOUP!! omg love love love it so so much! I once made a healthied version that was awesome! I should make it again soon!! i love the melted cheese on top!

    cute shoes they do look super comfy :)

  8. cute shoes..and I LOVE french onion soup..mmm so good!

  9. LOVE the new kicks! stylish AND comfy! (at least they look comfy ;) )