Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 new Cereals!

There is a great soup giveaway happening at A Pinch of This and a Dash of ThatThe soups are Progresso and they look fabulous! I was also told about a giveaway on More to Life Than Lettuce.  Up for grabs is a great cookbook, The Enchanted Broccoli Forest.

My breakfast was happy today, or it was me that was happy with my breakfast.  Dorset cereal (Super High Fibre - someone emailed asking what flavour it was), blueberries and a lot of almond milk. 
I found 2 boxes of Dorset cereal at Whole Foods that are not in my town.  SO exciting.  I pretty much finished off a box this morning, so one of these may get opened tomorrow!!!  Is it weird I'm so thrilled with cereal?  No..that's right, you all write food blogs, so you get it.
Mid morning I ate fruit salad.  It's leftover from last week and isn't quite as fresh as it was on Friday.  I think I can plow through the rest so I can make a new batch.
Lunch was good.  I had a ww PC thin with 2 LC cheese wedges, spinach and cucumber.  With it I had a giant salad of baby romaine, pea sprouts, carrots and red peppers.  I really like this Renees dressing, Japanese Ginger.  I've been leaving it in the fridge at work, and it's so good, someone has been eating it!  I'll be taking it home tonight!
In the afternoon I ate half of this Luna bar that was left in my desk from last week.  Not satisfying.
So then I had more fruit salad.
FINALLY back to the gym today and it felt great.  Sweat my ass off and loved every min of it.  Had an intense 45 min interval run, upper body weights and Core Control - which TOTALLY kicked my ass (abs)!  Ron, my favorite instructor, has been off since last summer and today he was back!  I think I've lost some core strength since he's been off, his class is by far the best, and it was obvious with the compliments he was getting after class.  It made my day to see him, plus, I really like him.  Last summer when he found out I was a farmers market vendor, he admitted he'd never been, and then came often, and always bought something.  He ended up sharing some good spinach seeds with me that I'll plant this spring.  Nice man.

On the way home my stomach was growling, so I pulled 1/2 a Dempsters Healthy Way bar out of my gym bag.

Dinner was leftover cannelloni.  I sauteed a big load of red peppers, shitake mushrooms and onions to top it off, as well as some extra sauce.

Did you watch the Bachelor?  Vienna?  How can it be????



  1. I've been eyeing up that dressing. I'll have to buy some. I'm a bit of a salad dressing freak come summer when salad is what I eat for lunch every day! usually have 4-5 bottles on the go!

  2. Those cereals look good and your fruit salad...scrumptious!


  3. AHH I dont know HOW that can be with vienna!!! I think that tenley was too good for Jake anyways, he needs to be with someone immature

    I saw those cereals at wholefoods! looks great!

  4. Thanks so much for the soup shout-out--I appreciate it!!! I never find Luna bars satisfying on their own either, I always pair it with fruit.

  5. i LOVE the header of your blog, so colorful! and all of your eats look absolutely delicious. i want to try that ceral. you should def try strawberries on bread, and thanks for posting about my giveaway :)