Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mid Week

Thanks for all your comments yesterday.  Before I get into today's post, I want to say I wouldn't just eat sushi anywhere.  I will only eat it at the one place I have spoke to the chef, and trust them.  If I'm out of town, I won't hit the local sushi joint, and I HIGHLY recommend that everyone check with their own sushi place and feel good about the choice before eating it.  I am not saying that all pregnant women should go out and eat raw fish anytime, anywhere. ;)

I had a great breakfast, take a guess!  haha...
Midmorning some cottage cheese and a banana.  I don't eat many bananas.

I had a lunch appointment, so before I left I had an english muffin, toasted with Laughing Cow cheese.  I love that cheese.
On the way back to work I had a pictureless plum.  And once at work I had a salad.
We had friends arriving for an early dinner and The Shepherd requested burgers.  I didn't have time to make homemade and wasn't feeling like frozen burgers, so I had an Yves veggie burger on an english muffin.  Chili sauce, zucchini relish on the side and 2 helpings of salad.
More frozen yogurt in the evening. 
Thursday is my Friday this week, then off for a weekend away solo.  Love these weekends!

Also, a shout out to Pam - I can't access your new blog?  Is something wrong, all of a sudden, it won't load from my blog list or any other way I try?  Are you there? :)

Cheers ladies,Jess


  1. Isn't LC cheese great? I love that it can be used with savoury AND sweet. Multi purpose!!

    Have a wonderful solo weekend. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. What are you solo weekend plans? Sounds fun!

  3. Love the extra salad! I always top mine with sooo much goat feta ;)

  4. I don't eat a lot of cheese but I love that Laughing Cow Cheese too. It's so good as spread or even just to eat as it is. My children like it very much too.

  5. I'm here Sweet Jess, just not in the blogging world, but still keeping tabs on you! Saturday we pick up five baby pygmy goats, they are 1 month of I'm going to be a mommy too..he he!

    Glad you can still have sushi! Thanks for caring! Keep in touch!


    P.S. I deleted my blogs...too time consuming and didn't want to be inside that much anymore!

  6. i haven't had cottage cheese in so long - this is making me want some!

  7. I eat WAY too many bananas! They are such a staple to my diet. It's funny to see someone who doesn't eat as many ;)

  8. i'm very picky about where i'll eat sushi, and i don't even eat the risky fish stuff, i'm a vegetarian! but still, i think it's always important to know what you're eating when you go out and it never hurts to be tight with the chef :)

  9. I so hope you are enjoying your weekend away :) Yes- LC cheese rocks...I want to put it on everything. I just bought some cottage cheese with pineapple mixed in...I'm going to get it another go