Monday, April 19, 2010

Lamb Pound Cake?

Busy weekend away.  We had a great time.

I'll just show you a few shots today.  A friend of a friend gave us this pound cake.  It's a lamb?  Is it?  It's the weirdest looking lamb, and honestly, the dryest cake I've ever had.  It's the thought that counts, but we had a lot of good giggles last night about this cake.

This is one of my shelves of tomatoes.  Looks SO exciting!  1.5 months and these beauties will be outside soaking up the sun and hopefully the rain!  Spring is here and summer is on it's way.

Have a great Monday everyone!



  1. Hmm...yeah, I think it's supposed to be a lamb, but just looks a little deformed?

    Great job on the tomatoes! I'm doing container gardening this year, as we moved into a new house last summer and our yard space is limited. I can't wait to get started!

  2. hahahhahah- that is a funny looking lamb. Bummer that it was dry too. Hooray for the produce sprouting up!!!! Have a good Monday

  3. LOL...weeeeird lamb. But yes, it is the thought that counts ;)

  4. Haha, that lamb cake looks ridiculous! I wish we had enough sunshine to grow tomatoes in our yard. There is not much better than a super fresh tomato. :D

  5. what a cake! how funny! pretty cool though, i must admit! sorry it was so dry... but i guess it had to be to keep its crazy shape!?

  6. What a funny looking cake! Too bad it was dry...maybe it was for viewing only? LOL!!!

  7. LOL !!!
    doesn't look like a lamb to me.....

  8. I think the lamb is cute! :)

    Your tomatoes are VERY exciting!!!