Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hot Dog Day

Got out of work early as I had an appointment to go to.  That's a nice treat.  I know appts aren't always great, but the leaving work on a sunny afternoon to go for a drive is. :)

Breakfast was Dorset cereal, strawberries and skim milk.
I've decided to start eating cottage cheese again.  I really like it, and don't know why I ever stopped.  Probably because I ate way too much and got sick of it.  I bought some small containers as they're easy for work, and to get me used to portion sizes again.  I buy 1%, only because I like it better.  I had it with a pear.  Cottage cheese and fruit is such a good combo.
Lunch was really good.  Leftover Moroccan Chicken.  I usually run errands on my lunch and then eat at my desk, so I hope my office mate was ok with the smell. :)  It's far from the smelliest food eaten here, but usually the smelly stuff stays in the lunch room.
I had an apple mid afternoon that almost didn't get photographed.
On my way out the door, I ate 1/2 of this Luna bar.  I quite like this flavour.
When I got home, I went out to visit The Shepherd.  The puppies that are left are TOO CUTE!  They run all over the barnyard now.  It was tough to get shots, as they flock to my feet, barking and playing.  2 have been adopted, and soon these 4 will be gone too.
The February lambs are getting big!  We took them away from their mothers yesterday and I'm sure the yew's are having a nice break.  Soon, about another month or so, another round will begin.  Not quite as big as this last lambing, but maybe 400 lambs rather than 600.
Something I didn't expect to see were my first crocus blooms!  YIPPEE!  Spring HAS sprung!

My FABULOUS friend Bethoney was kind enough to give me a bunch of her canned goods this winter, and I finally opened a jar of the zucchini relish.  I ate many spoonfuls before dinner even began.  Bethoney is a funeral director, happy, positive, life loving, bff gardener.  I love her to no end.  She blogs about her jobs and garden, her life in general.  She's an inspiring woman.  She has recently reappeared in my life and I wonder why fate kept us apart so long, I can't imagine life without her.

Dinner was great.  Yves veggies dogs, sauteed veggies, a ton of zucchini relish and a bunch of hot peppers.  I love bbq.  I think I've said that this week.
Followed by 3 Girl Guide cookies.  I'll be glad when they're gone - sort of.

Have a great day! 


  1. Those lamb and puppy pics just made my day. I especially like the puppy on his back. What a doll!

    I love that all the spring flowers are blooming. Noah and I went for a bike ride last night and some people's lawn's are just covered in them. Beautiful!

    I love my cootage cheese with pineapple best...

  2. All of your pics are beautiful (the pups, the flowers, the lambs)!

    Is a girl guide cookie like a girl scout cookie? haha

  3. The pups and lambs are SO cute....I want one of, make that two!....he he! The flowers are so beautiful! Enjoy your day!


  4. omg...lambs and puppies! So cute :)
    Hope you are enjoying those cookies. I'm anxiously awaiting purchasing a few boxes ;)

  5. Fate works in mysterious ways, my dear friend. Xoxo. I love you to bits too!
    Puppies are so so so so so so so cute!!!!! Bitter-sweet that you have found them a home. :(
    It is so fun to see the relish on your dinner plate!! It is delish isn't it?

    I miss you sweetheart.

  6. ADORABLE puppies!!!!
    I LOVE dogs! A lot. :-)