Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Longer Than Usual

We had a great weekend.
Saturday breakfast was..I forget exactly, but looks like yogurt, granola and berries!
I hung out in the greenhouse for a few hours, watering and weeding.  It was so warm and cozy.  Then out to the garden to do some weeding.  Veggies grow slow, weeds grow quickly.

Lunch was 2 Yves veggie dogs on half an english muffin with Laughing Cow Cheese.  !/2 the english muffin had raspberry jam.  On the side, was my FIRST SALAD FROM TEH GREENHOUSE!  Simple Chinese greens and radishes so small...but I HAD to sample.

Our lawn in 100,000 square feet and I fertilized it on Saturday as well.  I'm prepping this post Monday afternoon, and my upper body and ass are still so sore!

I also transplanted some tomatoes for my brother and my brother in law.
After having lamb the other night, I realized we haven't been eating much of it lately, so I decided on a lamb lasagna.  DELISH!  Layers of fresh ww noodles, ground lamb, sooo many mushrooms in the sauce, and a THICK layer of cottage cheese, ricotta and spinach.  SO much cheese in this baby, almost too good to be true.

Sunday was a little quieter than Saturday. 
Breakfast looks like a Kashi cereal, yogurt and strawberries. 

I had some leftover lasagna for lunch.

I can't remember which blogger, but someone reminded me how good potato/leek soup is the other day, and I still had some leek from last fall in the freezer, so decided to make a batch.  Simply potatoes simmer in vegetable stock, with the skin on, leek sauteed in some olive oil, then all pureed with the immersion blender.  Some pepper and voila, delicious soup!
With it we had provolone and prosciutto grilled cheese.
Now...on to Monday.
Breakfast was super.  Vanilla yogurt, Kashi ...I forget what it's called, crunchy flax and something...and blueberries.
Cottage cheese and a plum got me through the morning.

Lunch was leftover soup and a huge salad.  Not from the greenhouse, nothing else to pick yet.

In the afternoon an orange.

Dinner was salmon baked with dill and lemon, steamed broccoli and potatoes.  Simple and good.
The last few days I've been indulging in the most fantastic frozen yogurt I've had yet.  Here it is.
If I hadn't bought it and didn't know it was yogurt, I'd swear it was real ice cream.

I'm sure there was more food than this in the last few days, but it mustn't have been photo'd, and that's ok with me.  No evidence.



  1. Yummy food over the weekend! I am jealous you can walk to your backyard and pick greens for a salad, lucky you! Just wait till you have tons!

  2. Your weekend eats look so awesome.

  3. Lol, I don't photograph everything either. The apple, pita chips and fiber one bar eaten between breakfast and lunch never happened ;)

  4. I can't believe how much your greenhouse plants have grown in such a short time! Bet that salad tasted the best! 100,000 is massive. No wonder you are sore. Who needs a gym with that big of a lawn?! LOL!!!

    Your lasagna looks spectacular...so cheesy. YUM!

  5. You made me so hungry! I am so jealous that you get to go pick your salad from your garden!

  6. Your greenhouse looks amazing! So awesome to make your first garden salad of the year.

  7. Your radishes look SOOOO good! I would have had to sample them, too! :)

  8. I love Kashi, yogurt and berries! You're a girl after my own heart. ;)

  9. LOVE THE GREENHOUSE VEGGIES.....a beautiful sight :) ♥

    check out the award you won on my blog :)

  10. mmm all of your eats look so good..especially the lamb/cheesy lasagna :P:P