Thursday, April 8, 2010

Homemade Cliff Bars - 1/2 Success

I've had a headache since Saturday night.  Ug.  Not always really bad, and not always in the same spot.  I've decided it's either the pressure change in the weather, or allergies.  I may resort to Tylenol soon.

Breakfast was good!  Vanilla yogurt, Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp and blueberries.  Really yummy.

In the morning an apple and a raspberry smoothie, made with frozen berries, 1 cup milk, splash of OJ, spoonful of plain yogurt.  So satisfying.
Lunch was super.  Leftover Tuscan Meatball soup from the other night and a giant salad.  I opted for a pretty standard bottle of dressing this time, California.  It's sweet and zingy and I like it.
Lunch did not fill me up, and an hour later I had this cottage cheese.
And an orange.  Success at fullness.
After work I had a few almonds.

I've also been wanting to try make homemade Cliff bars, so I went for it.  I got the recipe from Coffee Run.  It looked great.  I gave it my best, but whatever I did wrong, I didn't seem to have enough wet ingredients, and I couldn't get it all mixed.  Some of the dry went in the garbage, but I did manage to get a good pan pressed down.  Rather than cut these in to bars and have them crumble away, I think I'll just cut them like brownies and eat them at home.  I WILL try again.  I went for the Crunchy Peanut Butter option.

They DO taste super awesome and will be happily eaten.
The pics from baking:

Dinner was supposed to be at someone's house and that fell through, and at that point I didn't feel like cooking.  So we went out and had fish & chips.  A totally unhealthy, satisfying, tasty dinner! 

Until Tomorrow,


  1. Sorry about the headaches Jess! Weird that they come only on Sat eve...what' up with that!..mmm?

    The bars look pretty good! You'll perfect them soon..good luck!


    P.S. fish and chips sound great to me..he he!

  2. I also have a good homemade granola bar recipe if you are interested! I blogged abotu it a few months ago....gotta love some fish n chips!

  3. We haven't had fish n' chips in years! That might have to change.

    Homemade Clif Bars, eh? I might have to check that link out....

  4. mmm I love good old fashioned fish and chips! :D Great choice!

    It's awesome that you tried to make your own clif bars! I tried my hand at making larabars before..they might be easier!

  5. YUM those homemade clif bars look So good!!!

    ahh fish and chips! i grew up getting this at the cape! :) love it! yes unhealthy, but once in a while, its so good!

  6. 1. Your smoothie looks REALLY good.

    2. If you figure out how to make the carrot cake Clif bar, you absolutely MUST let me know. :-)

  7. Gosh everything looks sooo good!

  8. I updated the recipe!! I hope you give them another shot :D