Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Do I Drink?

What do you drink?  Someone asked me this in an email, I guess I don't ever post what I drink. 
I start off every morning with a couple good glugs of this juice.  Simply Orange.  It's by far my favourite, and since The Shepherd doesn't really drink it, I just glug out of the jug.
Then, I fill my travel mug, filled with 1/2 regular, 1/2 decaf with milk, brewed at home.
Throughout the day, I drink many glasses of good 'ol H2O.  At home, more water with dinner, usually wine too. 

About twice a week, I have a decaf grande non fat latte. Heaven in a cup.
Also, about twice a week, I have a decaf green tea at work.
About twice a week, I also have a caffeine free diet coke.  I'm a high energy person, I don't need a lot of caffeine to get me through.

Since the weather is getting warm, I started drinking smoothies again.  I'll list this as food, because it's really a snack, rather than a drink.
And, on occasion, I'm known to overindulge on the wine....hey, I love a good party!  Part of me wonders what kind of conversationalist I was when I met Krista ....

So folks, that's what I drink!  Now, on to my eats!

Breakfast: Dorset cereal, blueberries, skim milk. (after a few glugs of juice!)
During the morning I had an apple and a container of cottage cheese.

Lunch:  I forgot my lunch!  I was so in to making my afternoon snack, I walked out the door without it!  So, Subway it was.  A 6" veggie with swiss cheese, all the fixin's except onion and and pickle, extra tomato and extra hot peppers, then a few more hot peppers.  Super lunch.  No photo.

The snack I was so excited for didn't even get DRANK.  I brought the makings for a smoothie to work, as we have a Magic Bullet in the office.  I just wasn't hungry in the afternoon, so why waste it?  Boredom didn't take over either.

I've had a headache since Saturday night and by dinner time, I wasn't hungry, just tired.  So all I had was some soup.  Tuscan Meatball from Campbells.  It's surprisingly good, not bad stats and a pretty good ingredient list.

Then to bed.



  1. Those drinks would work for me...yumm!, especially the Starbucks...he he!


  2. Reading this cracked me up! You (and your hubs) were great company at the wedding!! I often wish I liked wine because it's such a social drink.

    Don't ever tell my kids, but I think it's great that you drink your OJ straight from the jug! ;)

  3. Love the idea of posting all what you drink in a day--I am guily of way too much diet sunkist. But other than that it's vanilla soymilk, a smoothie usually, and water!

  4. ahh i hate wine! i wish i did tho-bc when im older i wouldnt mind drinking red wine every now and then but OH well! that orange juice ROCKS!

  5. You had me at "extra hot peppers" on your subway - I pay for 4x the usual amount! :D