Monday, April 5, 2010

Does it Get Any Better?

When I was a kid, this hung on my wall.

What is Happiness

Happiness doesn't carry a tag
That shows the price or the size;
It isn't something you can't afford
Or something that's just for the wise.

It may be in the face of a child
As he whispers a secret to you
Of the wonderful world that's his to explore
And the new things he's learning to do.

Or it may be in the wagging tail
Of a puppy so frisky and free
Whose only request is that he be allowed
To love you - and happy he'll be.

Or stop to consider the flowers that grow
With a beauty that's calm and serene
Or the setting of the evening sun
And the moon with its golden beam.

It may be some magic no one sees but you,
Or the tune and the lilt of a song,
A cheerful smile from one who is dear
And ties of true friendship held strong.

There is no need to search if you will observe
What is so often taken for granted -
Those little things we sometimes pass by
Are the things that for ages have lasted.

The weekend was so great.  We didn't really go anywhere except to dinner at The Shepherd parents and to dinner with his sister.  We didn't spend a cent (dinner was gift).  We didn't really watch tv.  We enjoyed life, each other, our families.  The sun, the moon (seriously), the 3 flower blooms in the garden, watching our nephew entertain himself, tending to the greenhouse and the sheep, planning for the future.

Happiness CAN be found in things like shoes and a holiday to France.  However, true happiness comes from all around us, in the little things.  To feel the wind on my face when the sun warmed my back, that is happiness.  The seedlings growing, knowing fresh, homegrown food is on it's way, that's happiness.  Having great conversation with The Shepherd, sharing the same dreams and wants, that's happiness. 

Weekends like this I wonder if it can get any better.  I don't think so.

A lot of food was consumed this weekend with few pictures.  So, skipping a few days, here is Sunday.

Breakfast: Dorset cereal and a grapefruit.
Mid morning: Smoothie.  Not a protein shake, just frozen raspberries, a scoop of plain yogurt, a bit of milk and water. 
I also had some cottage cheese as I knew lunch would be late.  The Shepherd was hard at work through the morning so he could take the afternoon off with me!
Lunch was breakfast.  2 scrambled eggs, an Ezekiel english muffin with butter and 1/2 a raspberry smoothie.  The morning smoothie was too good to not have another one.
During the afternoon, the Shepherd and I planted the beginning of the garden!!!  We got in spinach, lettuce, radishes, swiss chard and peas.  SO exciting!

Dinner was Jessica's Burgers with a salad and zucchini relish.  Tasty.  Finished off the meal with the last piece of bday cake!
What a great long weekend.  I hope you're all feeling happy after the weekend.  Here are just a couple pictures of Miss Annie sunning with the greenhouse sides rolled up and a shot of things growing.


  1. What a lovely weekend :) Magic bullet! Isn't it the best? I use it for all my smoothies (with and without protein ;). Enjoy your week

  2. Such a beautiful the thought of the trip to France....yea!

    No, Sweetie I won't be posting on my other blog any longer!....need to de-stress!


  3. I love that poem :) And it is sooo true <3 Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend...full of family and fun times :) That is so exciting you are starting to plant your garden! When I have a place of my own...I totally want to do that!

  4. What a great post, Jessica!! I agree that happiness is found in the smallist of things. Money could could never by the feeling of my warm cat sleeping contently in my lap, or seeing the excitment on the kids faces at the flowers coming up. We also spent lots of time outside on the deck, riding our bikes, walking the neighbours dog. Bliss!

  5. The Sheppard&#39;s SisApril 5, 2010 at 10:32 AM

    What a wonderful post! And when you smile, the world smiles back. So thanks for your great big smile today, making the world an even better place to be. And for reminding us all what's really important. It was such a lovely weekend, and so good to spend time with you!

  6. Great poem! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Your greenhouse is looking lively already!