Friday, April 16, 2010

Berries and Tomatoes

It felt like a busy day!
Started off great with Dorset cereal, blueberries and skim milk.
Morning hosted a lovely blueberry/raspberry smoothie.
Lunch was tasty.  Another left-over-fork-and-knife wrap.  Always good.  This one had Laughing Cow cheese, bbq chicken, sweet potatoes and broccoli on a ww tortilla, heated and enjoyed!
I was full.  But it didn't stop me from enjoying some cottage cheese in the late afternoon.
After the gym at home I worked in the greenhouse a bit, then helped The Shepherd get the rows/beds ready for the raspberries we're picking up this weekend!  We're planting 8, 80 foot row!  A LOT!  We've bough early summer, mid summer and fall bearing berries.  We should have berries for 2 months a summer because of this.  We also ordered a bunch of Saskatoon berries to quarter a section of the field for my garden as wind breaks.  I'm not sure when they're coming, but they're shipping them on the Greyhound!??

Dinner was a fiery Thai pork red curry and jasmine rice.  Beads of sweat on the nose kinda hot.  Great.
The tomatoes I seeded on Sunday have come up!  Heart pumping exciting!  Amazing that a seeding so small can produce a bounty of beautiful, crisp tasty fruit.

You won't hear from me until Sunday or Monday as we're away for the weekend, and busy picking up berries!  Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I get so excited whenever I hear you talk about your garden and what you're planting! I can't wait to see the bounty!

    Have fun this weekend. I hope it stays dry enough for you plant your berries!

  2. Have a great weekend Sweetie xox
    give grey kitty a kiss for me....:)

    I love your thai......

  3. Being full won't stop me from some cottage cheese either ;)