Friday, April 9, 2010

Sheep Shearing

A good day for a rainy one.  It makes working easier, no sun to bathe in, would rather be indoors anyway.

Breakfast was usual and good.  Dorset cereal, blueberries, skim milk.
In the morning, an apple and a raspberry smoothie.  I definitely get more fruit than veggies, but I just like it better.
Lunch was not big, just not feeling 100% 'well' this week.  An Ezekiel english muffin, each half with a Laughing cow cheese wedge, and a big salad.
An orange in the afternoon.  There was sun in my day!
Got home, had some of my Cliff Bars.  Danielle has told me she's updated the recipe.  My problem was that I didn't use natural PB - the type you need to stir, and that would be why I didn't have enough wet ingredients.  I will be making these again.

I then went out to the barn.  The sheep shearers are here and it's cool to watch a bit and just hang out.  Then, went to the greenhouse, did some weeding and watering.

This is an odd pic. 2 men, shearing sheep. It doesn't look great, but these guys are AMAZING. They are so strong, and know how to handle the animals so that they cooperate, but they never hurt or strain them. I'm sure there is a little stress, having your body shaved can't be fun, but the sheep feel so much better after. They seem to be able to get the fleece off in one giant piece, like a rug, totally cool. They sheep are more hygienic because of it, cooler in the summer and it makes delivering their lambs so much easier. These ladies are all pregnant and will have lambs in a month-ish!

Dinner was at The Shepherd's parents, his mom offered to cook us all dinner - really nice!  We had a great chicken casserole, a beef pot pie, buns, fruit salad and choc chip cookies.  Super dinner!  Thanks MIL!

Tomorrow - TGIF!  Garden show in my city this weekend. 



  1. Too dad's family grew up on a sheep farm in Iowa, so I know all about sheep shearing! I have one uncle who still does it.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your dinner!

    Give those mama's a hug for me will your sheepies!


  3.'s like a full body spa day treat for the mom's to be! You're right, I bet they feel like whole new sheep afterwards. :)

    You must be excited for the garden show! Have fun!!

  4. what a cool pic of the sheep! i'm glad they're cooler & happier afterward. :)

  5. I'm sorry you're not feeling 100%. Hopefully all your healthy eats will get you back to 100% in no time! I was actually going to ask you if you used natural pb! It does make a huge difference :) You have to take some "naked" pictures of the sheep for us.

  6. hey girl...there is a home and garden show where I live this weekend too.......perhaps its the same one!? lol :)