Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Food, Some Farm

It was a good average day.  Sunny, happy, but work has been SO long this week.  Next Friday I have the day off, so it'll make for a short week and I'm really looking forward to it.

Breakfast was Dorset cereal, blueberries and skim milk.
Black plumbs have been looking really good lately, and this one was no exception!
Not long before lunch I also had some cottage cheese.  Still loving it.
Lunch was not too exciting, but REALLY good...until...2/3 of the way through my salad, there was a bug/beetle guy standing on top of a carrot staring at me!  AH!  I'm not scared of bugs at all, but in my salad, no thanks.  I don't know if he came from my house, or jumped in at work...but either way, the rest of the salad went in the garbage, I couldn't stomach it.
The Shepherd and I went out for Indian and it was great.  My belly is still full.

A couple years ago we planted a lot of daffodil bulbs in our ditch.  Our ditch is steep, and mostly we let it grow wild because it's really difficult to cut with the lawn mower.  In the spring, it is bursting with colour, I just love coming over the hill on my way home to see this.
These are a few photos of raspberry planting. 
This may just look like a bunch of sticks stuck in rows, but soon enough, they'll be green as can be.  The fall bearing berries should have fruit this fall.  In the fall, we'll also till between the rows and sew grass.  It's going to look SO great!
The Shepherd and his dad making decisions.
The Shepherd.  Always working so hard for us. :)
And my good buddy Rigger.  Hanging out, wanting to play in the garden, not allowed.  He just doesn't understand you can't walk on seedlings or play fetch with raspberry canes.
Have a great day everyone!



  1. Eeek to the bug! As kids we always had salad from the garden and every now and again a creepy crawly would wind up on our plate. Grossed me out. My Dad`s big saying was that bugs are protein. No thanks!

    You daffodils remind me of all the ones that grow down along the Hanlon here in town. So pretty!

    And I really enjoy when you post photos of the farm and your gardens. Thanks!

  2. I have next Friday off too. I couldn't be more excited. How are you feeling? Definitely have found a bug in my salad greens before. Makes me totally sick as well :) Have a great weekend pretty lady

  3. Buggies definitely turn my stomach when that happens! Rigger is adorable! Hope your feeling well!

  4. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  5. I love indian - wish I could go out for that tonight! :)

  6. Cute pictures! Farm life! I wish! (although I do know its tough work!)

    Glad you enjoyed some indian! :)

  7. I guess the bug could have been extra protein? lol. That's sad, such a way to ruin a great salad :(