Monday, May 3, 2010

Grilling and Fruit!

I had a great weekend in Toronto.  Shopping, visiting with friends, very enjoyable.  I came home late Saturday and Sunday was spent working at home.  Greenhouse and garden, as well as some hilling of the raspberries.  I even have a slight sunburn.  No complaints.

2 weeks ago I went to Costco and scored HUGE!  I've been eyeing the George Forman 360 grill in Canadian Tire, but it's $150, and I couldn't justify it.  Well, Costco had it for $62!!  I couldn't resist, HAD to buy it.  I still have got it out of the box, and I'm wondering if you could fill me in on the great things you do with your grill?  I can't wait to get this baby cooking!  It may not be until the fall...I see my free time quickly slipping away.
Have you ever had a dragon fruit?  A passion fruit?  I love them both.  I bought some this weekend in China town, just because it had been awhile.  My first experience with both were while The Shepherd and I were in Thailand.  Delicious.

The dragon fruit.
To eat, slice in half. 

Think of the seeds like a kiwi.  Take a spoon, and just slip it between the skin and fruit, slide it around, and you'll get a nice chunk out of it.  Slice it up in squares.
The passion fruit.

The skin is really leathery, so you'll need a good knife to cut through it.  The inside is kind of ugly and soupy.  Just scoop the inside out and eat, it's SOOO good.

I put the dragon fruit and passion fruit in a container with some know what I'll be eating Monday!
A few shots of the garden on Sunday.

Leaf lettuce:
Close up of leaf lettuce:
Have a great day!  Regular posts to resume tomorrow!



  1. I've never had either of those fruits! Yum! I pretty much love all fruit, so I'm sure I'd enjoy!

  2. I've had dragon fruit...YUM, but never passion fruit. I don't know if I'd like the consistency of it.

    That lettuce looks mighty tender.... :)

  3. My boyfriend loves dragon fruit :) Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. I've never had dragon fruit, but it looks so pretty!

  5. Garden is looking great! Nice find on the GF grill...wahooo to costco and their amazing deals. I had dragon fruit for the first time in Jamaica- very tasty. Happy Monday :)

  6. I've never had either dragon fruit or passion fruit! I really want to pick some up. I hope they are selling George Foreman's for $62 in the states cause I think my dad was going to give me one as a bday gift :)

  7. garden coming along!!! Nice!
    I have a full day/night off on Wednesday. I can't wait!! It's 12 hours of garden time for me! Looking at yours is giving me the BIG ITCH!!!

  8. I ended up with a sunburn from the weekend too. :( Dragon fruit is so much fun. I really enjoy it.

  9. I've never had either of those fruits but I'd like to try them! The inside of the passion fruit looks like frog eggs. :P

  10. i don't think i've had either one of those fruits! I'll have to keep an eye out for them, sound delish!

  11. Your garden looks great! I really like dragonfruit but have only tried passion fruit flavoured pop etc.

  12. passion fruit is so good but the seeds are so annoying! do u actually eat those seeds too?

  13. I'm NOT a fan of passion fruit at all!! I've never had dragon fruit but it certainly LOOKS interesting!! if I see it anywhere I'll have to grab a few... I love trying new fruits & veggies =)

    as for the george foreman... I mostly use mine to make panini-style sandwiches and the occasional burger