Monday, May 17, 2010

Market Take 2

It was another great day at the Saturday Market!  I sold everything I brought, it was a little chilly early in the morning, but compared to the rain last week, it was beautiful.  People were happy, vendors were happy, spring greens were everywhere.

Here are my market pictures.
I wasn’t able to sell the lettuce. I had it in the barn fridge overnight and it froze, must have been too cold. I’ll be checking the temp this week.

The wild leeks were a hit. Did you know they are also called Ramps? I didn’t, but a customer informed me, and I looked it up when I got home. Indeed, he was right!

Have you heard of Fifth Town Cheese? They are an artisan cheese shop in Prince Edward County in Ontario, one of my favourate places in the province. They produce sheep and goats milk cheese, it’s super. I was so thrilled to see they had set up a booth at our market.

I bought a non-pasteurized variety for my brother.

And a pasteurized for myself. I haven’t sampled this yet, I plan on buying some good smoked salmon and bread to have with it sometime this week or next weekend.

Sunday we planted 250 Saskatoon berries that will be a hedge/windbreak, hopefully by next year.
We made some pizza’s on the weekend and they were so great, I had to show them. Spinach, peppers, mushroom, hot pepper, turkey and mozza!

I had a good laugh at The Shepherds pizza, he couldn’t resist and took a bite right out of the oven! LOL!

Have a great week everyone!



  1. All your produce looks beautiful! Definitely appealing to the eye. Sorry to hear your lettuce froze. That's happened to me before, too. Brings a whole new meaning to "crisp" salad. LOL! I must take a drive your way at some point this summer and visit you at the market....

  2. ugh! I had that happen with some lettuce I bought a week or so ago... an entire head was frozen solid =(

    anyway - your stuff looks AWESOME!! wish I lived close enough to buy some - and your pizzas look super yummy!! =)

    tummy is grumbly now!!

  3. Gorgeous veggies as usual. Can't wait to hear how you like your cheese!

  4. Your market goods look INCREDIBLE! So pretty. I need to just buy rhubarb! I purchased goat cheese from the farmers market a few weeks back and it was INCREDIBLE. Great looking pizza- must have been a pizza kinda weekend ;)

  5. Oh, please keep posting pics of your market goods! I love how you grow your own and sell your own, so neat:)

  6. Ooo love the looks of all that fresh produce--summer is definitely on the way!! :-)

  7. Gosh, all the produce looks amazing!

  8. My mom gave me a ton of rhubarb and I need help with what to do with it before it goes bad! Any ideas?!

  9. Love the farmer's market pics! And that pizza seriously looks amazing! I like the bite taken out of it =P

  10. Your leeks look like they would made a delicious potato leek soup! :D

    Prince Edward County is gorgeous. I really want to do a biking & wine tour there this summer.

  11. I'm not surprised that you sell out! Everything looks so good! I haven't made it to a farmer's market yet this spring. They are just starting up. I can't wait!

  12. All of your pictures are so pretty and everything looks so fresh! I love Farmer's Markets and I love Canada. I wish I could move back. :)

  13. wow, those pizzas look amazing!

  14. wow ~ that's a lot of good looking leek :)
    and wow ~ that's a good looking pizza :)

  15. Your plants look so wonderful and healthy! I love REAL veggies. Not the supermarket stuff.

  16. Glad to hear everything is going well at the market! Your produce looks great!

    Those pizza's look yummmmy. I love homemade pizza :)