Friday, May 21, 2010

Dogs and Garden

Another great and sunny day!  The warmest yet!

I was feeling crazy this morning, so I mixed some Kashi Flakes and Granola with my Dorset cereal.
I had a yummy smoothie in the morning.  THIS is smoothie weather!
Also some cottage cheese.
Lunch was a fresh salad and leftover soup.  Tasty, though soup is not as comforting when it's warm out.

I had half of this Cliff bar in the afternoon.
When I was digging leek tonight, I ate some peanuts and dried pineapple.  Something about trail mix in the woods that just works, it's like camping I guess.

Dinner was more salad and some pizza - fast dinner.

These are shots of some of the dogs.

Sunee running through the field.
Rigger running through the barnyard.
The Shepherd trying to manage his 'flock' of dogs.
One of the puppies.  I'm pretty sure their names are Barley and Hops. :)
Cadence and copper waiting for dinner.  They're standing at the foot of a pasture.
Willow enjoying life.
Some shots of the sheep frolicking in the field.

And some shots of the garden growing!

Leaf Lettuce....

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Have a fabulous long weekend everyone!



  1. Your place looks just awesome! The dogs couldn't look happier! I bet they're SO much fun! And I really like the names Barley & Hops! LOL

    BTW...I linked back to your contest in my post last night... :)

  2. Smoothie weather is definitely here, that's for sure--love it! And love all the beautiful outdoor pics!

  3. OH the cute pics of the dogs torture me everytime. I can't wait to get our new puppy!

  4. I don't like warm soup in the summer either. I've tried some really good cold soup recipes though and they're really refreshing!

  5. Aww are those Golden Retrievers?! I have one but she is much darker. They are such wonderful dogs :)

  6. Woah. How many dogs is that, Jessica? They're all adorable, that's for sure!

  7. Can I please come live with you? I'll take care of your garden:)

  8. I'm in love with your dogs! They are beautiful! You live in such a lovely place :)

  9. The dogs are so cute!! We had a wonderful weather day too - so nice to be outside!

  10. I LOVE all the photos! Looks beautiful!