Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Thanks a lot for your supportive comments about my day job yesterday.  It's not that bad.  I actually have it really good.  Great hours, good pay, a fabulous boss and a ton of freedom.  I need to remember how good I have it instead of focusing on the bad.  I felt this way last spring too - spring fever I guess!

EDIT:  I want to add - I'm having a hard time commenting on other blogs this morning!  I've gave my computer 2 restarts, but everything keeps erroring!  If I don't comment today, it doesn't mean I haven't read your blog!

Breakfast was Dorset cereal, blueberries and skim milk.
I enjoyed an apple in the morning.  I hadn't had one since Friday and it was good!
Sashimi Lunch Tuesday!
I ate a tasty apple Lara bar in the afternoon.
At home, I had some peanuts before planting potatoes.  Now that is a workout!  Digging a trench, filling it, good work!

Dinner was Morrocan Chicken.  I really like this.  Served with ww couscous.  YUM!
I had some ice cream after dinner that was camera hy and I crashed hard last night - maybe at 8:30pm. 

Have a great day, thanks again for your support.



  1. It is a lot easier to focus on your needs vs. what you have...I have a tendency to do the same. However, its also nice to dream about what you'd like to have ;). Crisp apples are so good, aren't they? Better than candy (IMO). I've never planted potatoes, but I can imagine that it is HARD work!! Hope you have a good one

  2. Crisp apples are the best. There's not much worse than biting into a soft apple!

    I think any type of gardening is a great workout!

  3. That is quite the workout! I had a pink lady apple yesterday and it was the first I'd had in ages. It was so delicious and filling!

  4. I wish I had a good job with flexibility and good pay!
    Hopefully after I get that little peice of paper called a degree, lol. Going to the same job everyday, especially in an office..can get tedious and boring though. It's normal to get a bit stircrazy when the weather gets nice!