Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great Spring Evening

A great evening!
But beginning with breakfast!

Dorset cereal, blueberries, skim milk.
Morning hosted a great mixed fruit smoothie with milk and OJ.
As well as a super ripe plum.  I am pumped that in a few short months our Ontario yellow plums will be bursting at the market!
For lunch, as usual, Sashimi Tuesday.
In the afternoon I was craving chocolate, so went down to a small store and got a carob brown rice crunch square.  These things are so tasty!  I could eat three, then go in to a sugar coma, so I quit at one.

I ate a bunch of peanuts when I got home.  I don't give peanuts enough credit, they are good!

The evening was awesome!  I planted a lot of beets.  Probably enough for the summer.  Spinach as well, and got another 100 foot row ready to plant in later this week.  I spent some time in the greenhouse as well.

Lambing has begun again!  It's great, however, with trying to get land work done, The Shepherd is extremely busy!  I made grilled cheese and took it out to the field for him for dinner, fed the dogs, it was gorgeous outside!  The wild apple trees in the back pasture are blooming and they smell amazing, I wish I had my camera with me.  It was one of those warm, peaceful fall evenings that feel alive, but calm.

I got in around 8pm and wasn't up to cooking, so had breakfast for dinner.  Yogurt, some brown rice puffs, Kashi Go Lean and a bit of The Shepherds granola.  It was good, satisfying and just enough food.
I need veggies tomorrow!

Have a good one ladies,


  1. The carob brown rice crunch square looks amazing! I'll have to watch for those...

    I love home grown beets. Jason's Mom usually grows them in her garden. I like the greens, too! There's a guy at the market who sells candy cane beets. They're amazing, too!

    Cheers to great spring weather....I bet your farm looks beautiful now...

  2. I love sashimi! And it's always great to do breakfast for dinner :)

  3. Oh, to live on a farm like you!

    PS..I tagged you on my post today:)

  4. I need to find a good, quality sushi place so I can feel safe eating it. I've missed sushi since being pregnant. The key, like you said, is quality, flash frozen fish.

    That chocolate square is just what I'm craving right now :)

  5. Breakfast for dinner is great in a pinch. Or anytime actually! I love pancakes at night.

  6. I just had my first plum of the year and it was delicious!!!

  7. I could definitely go into a sugar coma with that thing too. Great job stopping at one :)