Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chocolate Lambs

I am beyond excited!  I can't explain the way I season is here.  On Wednesday's, we have a downtown Farmers Market and it opened today.  So, at lunch I drove down, as fast as I could to meet my Saturday vendor neighbor, Nicole.  She is also a vendor on Wednedays.  I'd heard Ontario asparagus was ready, and with $ in my hand I bounced up to Nicole's booth.  Squeals of excitement and hugs later, I waltzed out with 2lbs of beautiful, crisp, fresh asparagus. 

The feeling at the market to me, is like no other.  The vendors, the energy they provide combined with the shoppers is so thrilling.  The conversations about produce, baked goods, meat and eggs thrill me.  I love how everyone is so into their food and curious about it's origin and growth.  I can't wait to be behind my tables, under my tent selling. 


I had a rushed breakfast, Dorset cereal, skim milk and blueberries.
I was STARVING this morning.  It's rare that I eat a whole Cliff bar at once, but really enjoyed a Black Cherry Almond.  I forgot to photo.  This is a really good bar.

And then an apple.
Lunch was very predictable, a wg english muffin with Laughing Cow cheese and a great salad.  I'm just not having time to cook lavish meals right now.

I had another apple after lunch - Hungry today! 

I had some appointments after work and didn't get home until 8pm, so dinner was fast.  Good 'ol Lipton chicken noodle soup with cheddar cheese...memories from my childhood.
 And a great bit of asparagus.  DELICIOUS! I thought I took a photo, but with the excitement of eating, I must have forgot.
After dinner some yogurt, brown rice puffs and blueberries.  I also ate a few handfuls of almonds and some soda crackers, really had the munchies tonight.
I got a really sweet gift today from a lady I work with. She is my veggie/garden friend at work – the woman who recently gave me the duck eggs. She said she had figured out awhile ago that I was pregnant and had been saving this – a while chocolate lamb. It’s little gifts, unexpected gifts like this that really touch my heart.

Here is a shot of some of the tomatoes, looking good!
2 days until the weekend - YIPPEE!



  1. That lamb is too cute to eat!! LOL

    Isn't the asparagus great? I've been eating it like it's going out of style....or should I say season?!

    Chicken noodle soup and cheddar is something I haven't had in awhile, either. I'll have to remember about it on the next cool, rainy day we have....

  2. Yummy eats! I love how you get as excited as I do about farmer's markets...I'd also like to see someday, but that would require us to live on a farm with more land:( Maybe someday!

  3. What a wonderful gift! Super glad its farmers market time up there too! Another farmers market is opening down here today...I am contemplating going :) Nothing like fresh asparagus.

    Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's independence day from Spain!

  4. awww what a cute gift! When are you due?

  5. You're pregnant!!! Awesome!!
    I haven't been keeping close enough tabs on the blogging world. I probably should have known this. I'm so excited for you!

  6. The chocolate lamb is adorable! And I love farmer's markets as well, they're so much fun to peruse when it's nice outside!

  7. What a sweet gift! I get giddy for the farmer's markets too. The tomatoes are really coming along!

  8. That white lamb is absolutely precious! I hope your pregnancy is going well :)

  9. My aunt sells baked goods at a Toronto Farmer's Market, she says the markets are so busy there already.

    What a cute gift!

  10. Cute gift! I bet it will taste good too. ;)

    I can't wait to visit our farmer's market this week. I love the sense of community when I go there!

  11. okay...I almost get teary eyed thinking about that chicken soup with chedder cheese......♥♥♥♥ always 'bin a fav memory of you.