Monday, May 31, 2010

Super Weekend, Market, Garden, Me!

What a fabulous weekend! 

It started out Friday, with a fantastic ultrasound!  Baby is growing the way it should be, all parts are there. :)  I know the sex...but cannot tell.  The Shepherd decided he wants a surprise, and good for him!  But this means, I have a secret to keep for the next 5 months, and I'm good with that.  We have a good agreement, and I'm good at secrets, so until October, my lips are sealed.  I can hardly wait to see his face when the Dr. says, "it's a .....!".  It'll be awesome.

This is me at 20 weeks. So funny for me to see this! Crazy!
Saturday the market was fantastic.  It was so sunny, warm, happy.  Here are a bunch of photos.

Sunday was a full work day at home.  I got all 200 tomatoes planted, and did a lot of weeding and cultivating.  The soil is ready to put in the cucumber, zucchini, squash and beans.  Then, planting is finished for the season.  I'll try take a bunch of photos of it all this week.

I really like this picture of The Shepherd and his dad weeding the raspberries.  They're best friends.  Really, his dad was the best man at our wedding.  It's an amazing relationship.

Some good eats this weekend!

The strawberries are from southern Ontario. Not local, but still in the province. A few weeks and they’ll be ready here as well.

Another super lamb lasagna.  Can I say, I make a good lasagna?
I always love this bread. It’s made by a lady just down the road from me. So thick, dense, really tasty. I’ll buy it several times this summer.

Have a great week everyone!



  1. It must be so exciting to know what your having--but hard to keep it a secret!! Ooo that lasagna does look good, I am always looking for new variations on it.

  2. ah! You look totally adorable! What a great bump. I'm not sure I could keep that secret ;) I'm a little too chatty. Your lasagna looks perfect. Loved the browned edges (mmm browned cheese ;)). And everything at the market looks super fresh. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

    and thank you for the comment on my bloggy. Yes, a lot of vegetarians won't cook meat because they think its gross & because of the principal. While I do feel this way, I think everyone should eat how and what they want. Given this, I'm more than happy to cook meat up for the man (and I just try to buy organic/local when I can)

  3. LOVE your bump! So exciting. Good for you for being able to keep a big secret like that. I'd be afraid of spilling the beans!! HA!

    I went to the Guelph market Saturday and thought of you while I was there. All the vendors looked so happy to be out selling their goods. That pint of strawberries I bought was gone by the end of the day. Noah ate them ALL!

    Have a great Monday!!

  4. You look great! Congratz on knowing the sex of your baby :)...IT will be fun keeping it a surprise for the hubby..hehe.

  5. Cute baby bump!! :)
    Looks like a great Farmer's Market, I can't believe I still haven't found a good one near me.
    Oh and thank you for the New Zealand encouragement! I'm going to start the study abroad application the minute it's online!

  6. Hehe I love the baby bump! Keeping the sex of the baby would be such a hard secret for me to keep, but it would definitely be a fun one!

  7. Look at you! What a super cute bump:) Makes me miss being preggo:(

    And of course I always love your market pics, wish I could get my hands on your spinach!

  8. We have similar looking bumps :)

    I don't think I'd be able to keep a secret like that from my husband! Especially with all the shopping I've done! Good luck....and congratulations on a healthy baby :)

  9. You are so small at 20 weeks! You look really cute.

  10. You look amazing! It's so cool the Shepherd wants it to be a surprise. I'd have a hard time keeping that one in! :)

  11. Glad the ultrasound went well and that you found out the sex of the baby! Have fun keeping the secret! :)

    I love the photo of the radishes! So pretty!

    Have a great week!

  12. You look great! :) That's so fun that you're keeping the sex a secret. I'm excited to find out too!

  13. Congrats!!!! what a beautiful thing! and you look great!

  14. wow you must be really good at keeping a secret- I couldn't do it!