Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday's Eats

First of all, thanks so much for all of your sweet comments yesterday about my belly photo!  It's so strange watching your body grow without having control, and watching the numbers on the scale climb.  I think I'm on track for healthy weight gain, still, some days it's hard to accept.  SO THANK YOU LADIES!

The day started off right with my usual breakfast, insert strawberries for blueberries.
Mid morning I had the other half of this Cliff bar that was left in my desk from last week. Still good.
I also had the last of my cherries. I plowed through most of them on the weekend.
Lunch was a fabulous sandwich.  Black Russian bread, a bit of mayo, spinach and turkey breast.  Super.  I don't eat a lot of sandwiches for lunch, and am always pleasantly surprised at how good they are.
I had packed this salad and laughing cow cheese to eat with the sandwich, but didn't get to it until mid afternoon. 

Then I wanted sweet after the cheese, so an apple satisfied that.
At home before working outside, I had some cottage cheese and the last windmill cookie.

Dinner was leftover lasagna and a great salad.  I won't get sick of salad.  I love crunchy greens, the texture, the freshness.  And I've become a radish lover this season!

After dinner, craving sweet again, I went for some vanilla yogurt, Kashi Go Lean and strawberries.  Fell asleep on the couch about mid way through the Bachelorette.  Is anyone else watching this?
Have a great day!


  1. oh that sandwich does look great!

  2. I'm sure watching the scale grow is daunting! But You look fabulous!!!! Great eats- the bread used on your sandwich looks awesome. I love cereal and fruit- its a great sweet, but still healthy treat. Have fun at S&TC!

  3. Those cherries look fabulous--I just noticed they started popping up in grocery stores here, can't wait!

  4. Maple Nut is by far my favorite Clif flavor! And I have yogurt + GoLean + strawbs/banana at least once every day! So yummy. Speaking of yummy, you MUST try the super charge me cookies!!

  5. I tried watching the bachelorette, but I also got bored with it. Ali is just "meh" and there weren't any guys that I'd be attracted to, so the TV was turned off.

  6. Those strawberries look perfect. Super ripe and delicious!

    We have tons of radishes. I don't know how to use them up quick enough.

  7. I have never had this maple nut clif, now I am gonna be on the lookout for it!!

  8. Sandwiches for lunch are my favourite! I like how you can always change the toppings, so they never get boring.

  9. I'm the same way with sandwiches. I never think to make them but when I do I wonder why I don't do it every day! HA!

    Haven't had any radishes yet this year, but I do like'em. Hope you had a ggod Tuesday!

  10. Black Russian bread?? I'm intrigued :D Unless it has rye in it...

    Have a lovely evening!

  11. I watched a little bit of last week's bachelor yesterday and honestly Allie just gets on my last nerve! Not sure why but I think it stems from last season. :)

  12. Totally missed the bachelor today, whoops, I will have to catch up later. Love yog/fruit/cereal as an evening snack, so good.

  13. It is definitely tough to accept weight gain, when it is programmed into you to maintain your weight! For me, this has been a lesson in learning to trust my body! All your meals look so good and so healthy....you'll end up gaining the right amount :)