Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love Beets

Hello everyone! I hope that you're all getting ready for a long weekend of National Birthday's!  Ours is tomorrow, and I know the US's is Sunday.  I hope we all have a patriotic and celebratory weekend!
Random snack pictures from the last few days:

I really do love beets. Sometimes I forget how much.  I don't eat many of them through the winter, probably because in the summer we eat so many, we need a 6 month break!

Dinner 2 night ago was bbq steak, boiled new mini potatoes and steamed beets.  I know it looks boring, but often to me, straight up food is better than when I do something fancy to it.
Dinner last night was leftover steak, more potatoes and a beet/goat cheese salad.  It's simple.  Steam and cool the beets.  Peel beets.  Cut in to quarters.  Toast some pecans.  Add pecans to the beets and some dried oregano.  Then, goat cheese and a mix of balsamic vinegar and olive oil!  YUM!  Don't add the cheese and dressing until right before eating or the cheese will take on the colour of the vinegar and the beets!

Beets before being peeled:

Beets after being peeled:
There is no reason not to eat the skin/peel, except that they don't look as good.  I only peel the beets when I'm using them cold.

Here is the first raspberry!  (A little blurry, it was really windy) We aren't expecting many this year, but next year we should have a great harvest.  If we get a couple of pints total this summer, we'll be happy.  The Shepherd and I split it.  Yes, split one raspberry.  It was the most delicious berry I've had.  Food always tastes better when you grow it yourself.
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Have an awesome day everyone!  It's my Friday again!



  1. I've actually never made anything with beets - this is good to know!

  2. I've never had fresh beets. I'd love to try them at some point!

  3. Hello! I love how your used your leftover steak! The salad is just gorgeous. Tiny potatoes are so fun to eat. I love roasting them up. I haven't cooked a lot with beets...I need to start, I really enjoy them. Hope you have an awesome day and Happy Holiday to you too!

  4. I love beets, too! There's a vandor at the market that sells cany cane beets and they're just SO pretty. I tried growing them one year without much success, but plan on buying some at the market this weekend.

    Enjoy your extra long weekend! I'm off tomorrow, work Fri, then off again Monday. lol

  5. I actually don't like beets by themselves, but I needed to use them in a recipe and made beet hummus that was actually really good!

  6. I hate to say this... but i have never had a beet taht wasnt from a can!
    I know!
    I gotta try them fresh. I might become addicted???

  7. Can you believe I've never tried beets? I'm hearing so much about them that I need to make a major change on that!

  8. I love beets too. They taste amazing with goat cheese!

  9. I don't think that I've ever eaten beets. I need to try them fresh I think.

    Love that you got a raspberry! And I think it's super sweet that you split it!

  10. Beets are one of my most favorite things English grandmother used to make us beet and cheese sandwiches and I have never forgotten how delicious they are.