Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cutting Hay

Monday was a nice day.  The Shepherd was cutting hay.  Cutting hay is like cutting grass in the way that it has the best aroma.  It isn't the same as grass, it's sweeter, and it looks so clean and fresh.  Plus, I always like seeing him in the tractor. :)  Silly, but true.

I had a nice breakfast.
An apple early on - with a giant bruise.  Do you eat the bruise?  I don't.
This big bowl of cherries got me through the morning.  I've had cherries the past couple weeks, they'r'e so tasty!
Lunch was a giant salad with almonds, cranberries, red pepper, carrots, lettuce.  Some cottage cheese to round it out.

I ate this Cliff bar in several sessions throughout the afternoon.
Dinner was an omelette with spinach, red pepper, mushrooms and cheddar.  Add a wg english muffin with butter and it's the perfect breakfast/dinner.
Plain yogurt, Kashi Go Lean Crunch and strawberries for dessert!  I'm starting to get in to plain yogurt, this is new to me.  Previously I've NEEDED flavour, but I'm realizing that fruit and cereal provide the flavour.
Have a great day!


  1. Eating a bruise depends on how bad the bruise is!

  2. I've never been around farming much, but it must be interesting! Ooo I am so glad fresh cherries are popping up again, they are one of my favorites!

  3. Ugh...I do not like the bruises fruit get. Bletch!

    Hay does smell wonderful! I bet yesterday's cooler temps were nicer for the Sheperd to work in!

  4. I'm a bruise eater. I'll admit it. I can't stand to waste it! Loving all the farm pictures--thanks for posting. Us city folk appreciate it!

  5. I skip the bruises! I bet driving the tractor is fun!! I'm silly..I know!

  6. i eat the bruise. its sweeter. lol. texturally though its gross.
    i love the cherries! yum!

  7. We had breakfast for dinner last night as well. It is our go to when nothing sounds good.

  8. Aww..how sweet..that would be exciting to see my man in a tractor lol..doin all that hard work ;)

    I don't usually eat the bruised part of the apple!

  9. I'm trying to get into plain yogurt too. But I still prefer the sweetness of vanilla yogurt!

  10. I know exactly the smell you are talking about. I visited a lot of farms when I was younger. I loved the smell but I was also allergic to something in the air.