Monday, June 28, 2010

I Love Produce

Another great weekend.  Aren't they all?  Really, how can days off from work be bad when you're outside the entire time.  At one point this weekend, I just sat in between my tomato rows for probably 30 min and watched the birds and bugs go by.  Peaceful and quiet. 
The market was good.  My mom was with me so it was really fun.  She's great at the market.  Likes to chat with people as much as I do, gets excited for fresh cherries from Niagara, thinks that it's fabulous our market has so much support from the community.

Here is the spread.  Big changes!  haha...we had peas this weekend!!!  A lot of peas, I think I sold almost 70 quarts.

Another great thing happened this weekend, the first beets are ready!  I should have sold some, but mom was here Friday night, I wanted to get work done as fast as I could.  These will make for a tasty dinner tonight!  These are just what I picked for The Shepherd and I to eat in the next few days, there are so many beets ready just like these.  I love coloured beets, so pretty.

I also thinned some carrots, so the carrots you see are just baby baby thinnings that I munched while walking around the farm.

I love produce
Have a great Monday!


  1. It looks like you had a great day at the market! All of your produce looks amazing!

  2. I love YOUR produce! So colourful and bright. And that's great that your Mom was with you and that you sold lotsa peas! We passed an awesome little market in Belleville this weekend that I would've LOVED to stop at but it was pouring buckets and I had no umbrella. :(

  3. Oo bet it was fun that your mom was there to keep you company!! I wish I lived closer so I could buy from your stand :-)

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  5. I love produce too! I actually just got some beets to try for the first time.

  6. Yay for beets! I adore them in salads with goat cheese!

  7. I love the mini, colorful carrots! I would def. stop by your stand :D

  8. Yeah beets!! What do you do with them other than eat them by themselves?? I'm looking forward to recipe ideas!