Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm a Nurse!

It was a fun day at work on Thursday.  I don't say that often.  I've been managing a team that is putting together a new Welcome Package for our new home care clients, and it was photoshoot day.  I had so few volunteers, so I volunteered to put scrubs on the pretend to be a nurse.  The shots were taken yesterday, it was all just fun.

On to butter tarts.  Think of a pecan pie, and make it in to small tarts.  Butter tarts traditionally don't have pecans, they'reeither plain or with raisins.  Now we can get them with pecans or walnuts, sometimes coconut.  They're just mini pies, and are so tasty you just can't resist.  These are good, but home made are incredible.  Especially if you find the right bakery with the right pastry.

I was also asked about the Black Russian bread a few times.  I buy it at the farmers market from a lady who lives quite close to me.  Here it is!

Breakfast yesterday was usual.  I don't think you need a description.
I hand an apple and half of this Cliff bar in the morning.
Lunch was super.  We have a restaurant in town that does soup.  Just soup, just lunch.  I got a bowl of potato soup, and with it came a small salad and too much bread. $6.  Pretty impressed.

I was out to dinner with The Shepherd to an Asian-y restaurant.  Had some noodles/yellow curry.  Super.  You'll see the leftovers in lunch.

A few close up garden shots:

Radish and spinach:
Little baby carrots...they grow up so fast.
Some beets, and some beets that SERIOUSLY need weeding this weekend.  I think this is a beet emergency.
Spinach heading out.  Must harvest it all tonight.
Swiss Chard.
Flowering peas.

Lots to do tomorrow night, harvesting for the market!



  1. Yum. I can never pass up a perfectly fine butter tart ;)

    Your lunch looks so good! I think that is a great deal for 6 dollers...I wish we had something like that near me :)

    Good luck with all of your garden/harvesting work!

  2. You were a great model!

    I love restaurants that specialize in one thing...I bet they make the best soup since that's all they do.

    Happy harvesting tonight :)

  3. What a great lunch for 6 bucks! Looks like the photo shoot was fun. I can see your sparkly shoes peeking out from under the scrubs. :)

    Don't those weeds just LOVE to grow....and fast???

  4. It's always fun to pretend you're something else for awhile--I think that's why I enjoy Halloween so much! :-)

    Those tarts look great, perfect size to satisfy a sweet tooth!

  5. Love the pics! Reminds me of my former job. I worked for a home medical equipment company in marketing...we supported all the stores in the U.S. in Canada and helped them get the training, supplies, etc. they needed at a major discount. So I've seen many of those propped pictures back in my day!

    As usual, love the crop pics:)

  6. Now I know I'd love butter tarts! Have fun getting ready for the market!!

  7. Glad you had fun at work! Those butter tarts look amazing. Hope you have a good harvest!

  8. You look like a real nurse! :-)

    I am jealous of your garden. I have wanted to plant a garden for years, but my Hub was never into it. He assured me that I would have one this year, but we will be moving soon, so it would been senseless to grow one. Maybe next year....

  9. hahaha I love it. You did a great job acting- you look like a real nurse ;) Soup and bread is one of my favorite meals. So comforting. I had some last night!! All the veggies are coming along nicely. Beautiful Swiss Chard.

  10. You definitely look the part! Calling Nurse Jessica...

    Okay, I think that came out creepy even though I totally didn't mean it to.

    That black russian bread looks delish!

  11. Wow great garden! I think I need to branch out and include some spinach and other greens next year. Or maybe I can do a fall crop.

  12. Thanks for the info on the Black Russian bread. Homemade bread from the Farmer's Market is the absolute best!

  13. Those pecan butter tarts are hypnotizing!!!!!!!!! SHARE!

  14. you make a great nurse, baker and gardener. True renaissance woman!

  15. wow you're garden is looking amazing!

  16. Love your shoes Jess! Lol ~ you're the cutest!!!!!

  17. Aww you make a nurses outfit look CUTE!! :)