Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 4

Today I started with a very usual breakfast: Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk, Dorset muesli, blueberries.

I always weigh my cereal or measure it. This way I'm not eating 2 portions. I always look at the bowl and wonder how I'm full, or how I last so long without eating again, but it does last!

Snack time was the rest of yesterdays carrot cake Cliff bar and an apple. I had an unexpected phone call from the Sheppard and he updated me on the lambs that were born overnight and how the puppies are doing. All is well.

I FORGOT MY LUNCH AT HOME! AH! It was going to be sooo good too. Leftover broc. soup, a big chicken salad...such is life. So, I went for sashimi again. I know I have to watch my Mercury levels...too much next week I'm not going to have sushi at all, and aim to bring my lunch everyday. I love eating out so it may be tough.

cMy afternoon snack was an apple.

Dinner was crock pot. I'm not sure what to call it - on the bottom are cut up chicken breasts, white wine, water, oregano, pepper, parsley, then covered with mushrooms. I left it on low from about 7am to 6pm. With it, my husband had some potatoes and we both had a salad

I didn't take a photo after it was cooked. This weekend my mission is to remember to take dinner photos!

After dinner and a few glasses of wine, I had a hand full - or three of chocolate chips.

Off to the winter farmers market in the morning!


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