Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 2

Starting today, I hope to share my daily eats, or the highlights at least. I'll begin with lunch yesterday.

I love sushi. No, excuse me, I LOVE sushi. I eat it once a week. So, yesterday was sushi day, consisting of a small salad, probably too much fish, some wasabi and ginger. I have no idea what the dressing is that they use for this salad, but it is to die for! I order the same thing every time, Sashimi lunch. I quite enjoy raw fish, but want to keep my white rice consumption under control, so with this lunch, the rice is separate, and most of the time I ask them not to give it to me at all. Today there were some little extras, as their usually are, I like it best when they add the teriyaki tofu.

Then, to satisfy the sweet tooth that always follows too much wasabi, I had half a Luna bar, leftover from yesterday's sweet tooth.

After work I went to the gym. I did 45 min on the treadmill at intervals, then a Core Control class. After the gym I met a friend for 'fast food seafood' - Red Lobster. I know it's far from the greatest, but living inland in Canada, it's sometimes the only choice. I forgot my camera, not being used to taking photos of food yet! I had Wood Grilled Lobster, Shrimp and Scallops, a nice garden salad and 1 of their oh so tasty biscuits! YUM!

When home, I snacked on too many chocolate almond biscotti that I made last week. Tasty!

Day 3 will see improvements, until then!


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  1. Jess, great blog! Looking forward to reading more, especially once garden season begins!